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Will it be an election soon!? It is not needed in a unity-of-Religion-and-State political party!! It is establishment of a separation-of-religion-and-politics method a little early!!
It is establishment of related statutes, such as a separation-of-religion-and-politics method and the cult religion readjusting method, a little early!!
It is the contribution corruption of Nishimatsu Construction and the shameless Democratic Party does not need the science of Komei Party = Soka Gakkai of a unity-of-Church-and-State political party, or happy realization party = happiness, either!!


It is hot!! The summer of this year is likely to turn into a hot summer politically somehow. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government election is faced and it is an animation site. Although the support political party in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government election understands the "Liberal Democratic Party" for the "Democratic Party" being 11.8% 31.1% when a "smile animation" (http://www.nicovideo.jp/) performs an opinion poll, the "Japan Communist Party" (http://www.jcp.or.jp/) whose accession-to-a-political-party person increased by factors, such as a boom of Takiji Kobayashi's novel "crab-canning boat", also unexpectedly is working hard with 4.4%. (Refer to the following report.) .

The [news flash +] [Tokyo Metropolitan Government election] support political party of 2Channel headline quotes from "Liberal Democratic Party" 31.1%, and the "Democratic Party" quotes from 11.8%-"smile animation" opinion poll *3 (http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1246057030/). A former report is www.nikkeibp.co.jp.

動画共有サイト「ニコニコ動画」が、東京都在住の利用者に行ったアンケート調査によると、 7月12日の東京都議会議員選挙で「投票に行く」という回答は66.3%にのぼった。投票先は 「自由民主党」が31.1%で最も多く、次いで「民主党」が11.8%。以下「日本共産党」が4.4%、 「公明党」が2.3%、「東京・生活者ネットワーク」が1.1%、「社会民主党」が0.5%、「その他」が4.6%だった。 調査は、6月25日23時10分にニコニコ動画を視聴していた東京都在住の利用者を対象に実施し、 1万2507の回答を集めた。集計対象は20歳―40歳代。50歳以上は回答が少ないため除外している。 支持政党/会派をみると、無党派層が46.9%で最も多かった。 無党派層に絞って都議選での投票先をみると「自民党」は5.9%、「民主党」4.5%と接近している。 また石原慎太郎東京都知事の支持率は43.6%、「不支持」は21.0%だった。 都知事支持層の投票先は「自民党」が49.9%で最も多い。以下「民主党」が8.6%、 「公明党」が2.1%、「共産党」は1.8%と続いた。都知事への不支持を表明した層では 「民主党」が24.6%、「共産党」が13.7%、「自民党」が10.0%、「公明党」が2.4%だった。 ニコニコ動画世論調査、都議選「投票に行く」66%、自民支持がトップ http://www.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/news/20090626/163390/ 前スレ:★1の時刻 : 2009/06/26(金) 19:17:29 http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1246020122/l50

☆上記記事の英語訳文。* The English Version sentence of the above-mentioned report.

According to the questionnaire which the animation share site "smile animation" performed to the user living in Tokyo, the reply of "going to cast one's vote" reached to 66.3% by the election of Tokyo metropolitan assembly on July 12. Vote place There is "most Liberal Democratic Party" at 31.1%, and, subsequently the "Democratic Party" is 11.8%. The "Japan Communist Party" is 4.4% below, The "Social Democratic Party" was [ the "Komei Party" / "others" of "Tokyo and a citizen network" ] 4.6% 0.5% 1.1% 2.3%. Investigation collected real almsgiving and the replies of 12,507 for the user living in Tokyo who was viewing and listening to a smile animation at 23:10 on June 25. The candidate for a total is 20 years old - 40 years-old cost. Since there are 50 or more years old of few replies, it has excepted. When a support political party / party and faction in Diet was seen, there were most independents classes at 46.9%. if it extracts to an independents class, it comes out and the vote place of an election of Tokyo metropolitan assembly is seen, the "Liberal Democratic Party" will approach with 5.9% and "Democratic Party" 4.5%. Moreover, the approval rating for the Shintaro Ishihara Governor of Tokyo was 43.6%, and "un-supporting" was 21.0%. The vote place of Governor-of-Tokyo supporters has "most Liberal Democratic Party" at 49.9%. The "Democratic Party" is 8.6% below, In the "Communist Party", the "Komei Party" continued with 1.8% 2.1%. In the layer which expressed un-supporting to the Governor of Tokyo In the "Communist Party", the "Liberal Democratic Party" was [ the "Democratic Party" / the "Komei Party" ] 2.4% 10.0% 13.7% 24.6%. smile animation opinion poll, 66% [ "it goes to cast one's vote" ], and Liberal Democratic Party support -- the top http://www.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/news/20090626/163390/-- before thread: -- time of *1 : 2009/06/26 (Fri.) 19:17:29 http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1246020122/l50 [ Tokyo ] .

Well, supposing Tokyo is the number of such an opinion poll, what will happen locally at the time of a Lower House election? Although carried out to the speech of a certain political party the other day, the impression "don't perform policy subjects, such as support for a poverty layer, steadily" was received.

However, if I do not have you still solve, the troubled political subject occurs. It is separation of politics and religion. Officially, the present condition is that it is not made although separation of politics and religion is to have accomplished in Japan.Speaking concretely, the Soka Gakkai = Komei Party's being a remarkable example. Moreover, the victim by the group stalker of Soka Gakkai etc. is sacrificed. (Example -> the reason and Tsugiko Kawada announcer suicide ? [murder !?= assassination [!? ]] incident frequently taken up also by this Blog is an incident miserable [ related to / of Soka Gakkai / a believer ].) Since it is caused by the fanatic of Soka Gakkai in very many cases and the believer of Soka Gakkai is distributed over the inside of the police and criminal investigation of Japan, the judicial persons concerned, etc., this is based also on an example, if such [ once ] an incident arises, but distorted incident processing may be carried out.

とにかく小沢前代表の西松献金汚職で厚顔無恥の民主党も、政教一致政党の公明党=創価学会や、先般、大川隆法が総裁を務める「大川隆法試案 日本国憲法の16条」を出したタカ派色とカルト宗教色の強い幸福実現党=幸福の科学も本当に要らないよ!!現状では、金に汚い政党や政教一致政党等を差し引くと、今のところ真っ当な政党は日本共産党ぐらいですね。
Since a unity-of-Church-and-State political party has a possibility aiming at advertisement of cult religion and religion, it has no one profit as 百害あ. Therefore, with it being early, in order to eliminate Komei Party = Soka Gakkai of a unity-of-Religion-and-State political party, and happy realization party = Kofuku no Kagaku, I think that it is the thing which wants to enact related statutes, such as a separation-of-religion-and-politics method and the cult religion readjusting method, early also for one day like France or Germany.
Happy realization party = Kofuku no Kagaku with Komei Party = Soka Gakkai of a unity-of-Church-and-State political party, the hawkish color by which the Riuhou Okawa sent "16 articles of the Riuhou Okawa tentative plan Constitution of Japan" to which it serves as the President the other day, and a cult religion color strong [ the shameless Democratic Party ] is not anyhow needed truly by the Nishimatsu contribution corruption of the Ozawa former-ages table, either!! If a dirty political party, a unity-of-Religion-and-State political party, etc. are deducted into gold in the present condition, a political party honest for the moment is only the Japan Communist Party.


There is a homepage called an out-with-corrupt-politicians drive (a candidate name with a problem is released) (http://nvc.halsnet.com/jhattori/rakusen/index.html). The dark part of Japan and the thing of an assemblyman with a problem are written to the HP here, and I think that it becomes a criterion of judgement at the time of casting one vote when it is an election. "Soka Gakkai of program France national broadcasting where the France national broadcasting linked from this page collected materials from Soka Gakkai of cult religion -- Although the report of cult"" of the 21st century (http://nvc.halsnet.com/jhattori/rakusen/AntiSouka/Video.htm) was also read, the quite horrifying cult religion group (Soka Gakkai) memorized even the shiver to the reality which eats even into a political power center of Japan, and is governed. (France -- anti- -- Soka Gakkai is authorized by the cult religion method and activity is regulated by sect method = cult religion.) . Let's wake up from the oppression led by the random Liberal Democratic Party!! Japan Communist Party (JCP) thinks that it is good with it being individual.

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