その人こそ、今、俺がTwitterでフォローしている、あついゆう さん(公式HP→あついゆう公式WebSite
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Twitter @netatusan:URL:http://www.twitter.com/netatusan/)。23歳がの若者が、何でも一流のクリエーターになる為に、7/1から自転車日本列島一周弾き語りの旅に出るとか。

「今まで、大して、何もしてこなくて、自転車冒険の世界では、北海道〔道東〕を2回ぐらい走行した事がなく、大した実績も無いのに、 Earth MTB-Touring〔地球一周MTB-Touring単独行〕を標榜し、とりわけ、憧れの厳冬期のロシア連邦(旧ソビエト連邦)&ヨーロッパを含むユーラシア大陸をMTB単独行で横断と縦断する壮大な計画「厳冬期ユーラシアクロッシング計画 VIA Russia Siberia BY MTB(横断:ロシア連邦極東連邦管区チェコト自治管区 デジネフ岬〔Cape Dezhnev〕→ポルトガル・ロカ岬)&厳冬期ユーラシアクロッシング計画 VIA Russia Siberia+Tibet BY MTB(横断:ポルトガル・ロカ岬→ノールカップ→ロシア連邦シベリア連邦管区チェリュスキン岬〔Cape Chelyuskin〕→チベット→インド・コモリン岬)〔通称:厳冬期ユーラシアクロッシング計画。現在、計画練り直し策定中。〕へ出ると、大風呂敷を広げたものの、諸般の事情が有り世界へ出られなかったのに、求職中のこの身の上で、この若者に何をしてあげられるのだろうか?どんなアドバイスをしてあげられるのだろうか?」と一考し、他の用件も有ったので、返信が随分遅くなってしまいましたが、ちゃんとアドバイスしてあげましたよ。











前述した様に、あつい さんは日本全国を行脚しながら、弾き語りをして各地の人々と触れ合いたいそうです。



頑張れ!! あついゆう さん!!

☆- Calling at foreign country in living in Japan to people. (English version)
- A hot yell to the young person who goes out of 7/1 to playing talking travel once in bicycle Japan.

One mail that had come to my origin was all starts from it.
「It goes out to travel with bicycle [mamachari] about this round playing talking every day in July. Please advise variously. 」

The..person..now..follow..official..official..hot..house..official..challenge.It goes out to travel from 7/1 about the playing talking once in the bicycle Japanese Islands so that the young person of [gano] 23 years old may become the creator of the first class anything.

Up to now..very..anything..do..bicycle..adventure..world..Hokkaido..road..east..run..thing..provide..wonderful..results..provide..earth..solo climbing..do..especially..yearn..period..Russian Federation..Soviet Union..federation..Europe..including..Eurasia..solo climbing..crossing..run through..gargantuan project.「Period..Eurasia..crossing..plan..crossing..Russian Federation..Far Eastern..federation..district..autonomy..district..cape..Portugal..Cabo da Roca..period..Eurasia..crossing..plan..crossing..Portugal..Cabo da Roca..Nordkapp..Russian Federation..Siberia..federation..district..cape..Tibet..India..Cape Comorin..alias..period..Eurasia..crossing..plan..now..plan..reconsider..settle on..decrease..brag..various..circumstances..provide..world..go out..job hunting..this..fortune..this..young person..do.What advice is done?Consider..other..business..provide..reply..fairly..slow..neatly..advise.

He seems to want to exchange the bicycle top of Japan surroundings on the way with various people though it writes in his Blog.

It is on a roll is an individual liberty that selects what transportation. The top of Japan surroundings solo climbing in the bicycle : because it has a hard time on the slope etc. when it is basically [mamachari] if it dares to give unpleasant but wholesome advice however though it is ..desire.. [no] when it is strong also the small turn ..MTB (mountain bike).. is profit spit, and bad road ….

He : though it apologizes to give unpleasant but wholesome advice repeatedly very much though the sponsor cooperation request of the article etc. was made each district by the top of Japan surroundings though it dare not to be so in the obligation that was able to mean person's thing. A domestic expedition carries out one's project by funds on hand, and it is concluded, and especially, the main stream of the adventure field in the world of today including recent Europe and America and Japan, the climbing mountain field, and the bicycle adventure field (main current) still does the overseas expedition by funds on hand, and says that it is a main current to request, and to conclude the cooperation request to the sponsor when it is impossible or is almost common senses.

I think, "About what do you think though the Internet develops in the so much with journalism, and the eye for the beautiful of the society is severe?"

Mail..exchange..foreign countries..cycling..club..New Year's party..surroundings..accomplish..foreign countries..cycling..club..make up..initiator..representative..say..word..strong..mind..pass.

「When it is only reliance to the sponsor, it is useless like [mi**] Oba (Those who achieve Arctic Ocean shank's pony crossing solo climbing & Antarctica shank's pony crossing solo climbing . The adventure of Naomi Uemura prize win back). It is useless. Do your best if not going by funds on hand when doing ..going anyway... 」

It is memorized that such a thing was said iwis.
At that time, when the Siberia crossing had not been achieved yet, it began to have planned Eurasia with MTB by way of Siberia. (It starts 1995/12/17 the plan . There is a desire to still do though it passed away like the shadow-picture lantern in as many as 15 years at years though it is not possible to achieve at all. )

Basic..such..standpoint..funds on hand..conclude..change one's decision..persuade..idea..differ..say..stance..standpoint..differ..wipe..leave..bicycle..Japan..play..Narrator..solo climbing..departure..receive..lucky..thing..sponsor..find..safely..start.

One rowing of the first pedal was able to be done safely and above all.

Only the difference of the standpoint can be, and wants to welcome the thing that one step was able to be stepped forward as the same cyclist.

Hot as the above-mentioned it seems to want to play while traveling the Japanese whole country on foot, to talk, and to touch people in various places.

It thinks for the west while energetically running his.. starting point of Shonan already when it is done that it is UP as for this manuscript in the place where Tokaido's (the first in national road line) one road.

You also must support it variously when you see him. My best regards from me.

Do your best [atsuiyuusan]






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