Where does TBS of "viewership collapse" go?
as [ be / it cuts, and is called "TBS of a report", and "TBS of a drama", the viewership of Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) (http://www.tbs.co.jp) which was a status remarkable as a stay-in-Tokyo key office collapses, and / no image of old times ] -- also seeing -- it has lapsed into the worst merciless situation. I think that the present condition is well known if the following report can be seen and obtained.

[news flash] of 2Channel headline selected carefully from the news thread of 2Channel -- [mass communications "TBS of a report"], and viewership collapse --. It quotes from (http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1245862671/). (Former reports are livedoor news.) →http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/4214977/ .

★視聴率崩壊、大幅改変も失敗......TBSはもう「何をやってもダメ」なのか ・もう、何をやればいいのか、完全に分からなくなっちゃっているのではないだろうか。  4月に、7時台に報道番組『総力報道!THE NEWS』をスタートさせることを筆頭に、昼には帯番組  『ひるおび!』がスタート、ゴールデンの人気バラエティも枠移動という、TBSの大幅改編だったが、  6月現在の状況では、完全に失敗としかいえない状況が続いている。    改編早々の4月9日、ありえない事態が起こった。  その日の全番組の視聴率が、すべてヒトケタを記録してしまったのである。しかも、その日の最高視聴率  7.2%を記録したのが、『水戸黄門』の夕方の再放送だった。14、15、22日と、全日ヒトケタの日が続く。  そして6月3日。これも一部で話題を集めたが、もともと低視聴率だった関口宏の番組『水曜ノンフィクション  関口宏のモトをたどれば』が、夜8時台というゴールデンタイムとしてはありえないような、2.8%という  数字を記録し(最高視聴率は同じ日の深夜番組『あらびき団』でも5.4%と倍近い数字)番組打ち切り  →製作期間4日の森三中の新番組『激安バラエティー』が急きょスタートすることになった。  『THE NEWS』、『ひるおび!』の帯番組はまったく数字をとれず、『フレンドパーク』、『うたばん』、  『ザ・イロモネア』といった人気番組も、枠を移動した結果、軒並み改編前より数字を落としている。  かろうじて『ぴったんこカン・カン』が15%前後で移動後も好調なのと、キムタクのドラマ『MR.BRAIN』が  序盤に20%超えをするなど、好材料もないわけではないのだが。  そんななか、7月に再びお昼の枠の大幅改変が発表された。『ひるおび!』の放送時間を1時間短縮し、  夕方にやっている『サカスさん』を午後2時台に。そして3時台からは『渡鬼』→韓国版『花より男子』→  『水戸黄門』という流れの再放送枠になるとのこと。( gt; gt;2-10につづく)  http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/4214977/ ※前:http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1245825771/

☆上記の記事の英訳。 * English translation of the above-mentioned report.
* viewership collapse and a large alteration -- failure ...... TBS is already "useless, whatever it may do" Probably - was also obtained and it does not understand anymore completely in that which will be said if what is done. It is a report program "aggregate power report to the level of 00 [ 7 ]! To first in a roll, it is [ starting THE NEWS" and ] a belt program in daytime. Although "Hiruobi!" was a large reorganization of TBS called frame movement also in the popular variety of a start and GoldenTime The situation which can be completely said only as failure continues in the situation as of June. The impossible situation happened on April 9 just after a reorganization. All of the viewership of all the programs of the day have recorded Single figure .
. And the highest viewership of the day Re-broadcast of the evening of "Mito Komon" recorded 7.2%. 14, 15, and 22 days and the day of all day Single figure continue. And June 3. Although this also attracted attention partly, the program of Hiroshi Sekiguchi who was low viewership from the first will call it 2.8 impossible% [ like ] as prime time called the level of 00 [ 8 ] night, "if Wednesday nonfiction Hiroshi Sekiguchi's Moto is followed" a number -- recording -- the program (midnight broadcast of day when highest viewership is the same -- " -- oh -- びき team" -- number close to 5.4% and twice) close The new program in the -> manufacture period 4 day woods 3 "激安 variety" will start hurriedly. "THE NEWS" "Hiruobi! " -- a belt program -- completely -- a number -- it cannot take -- a "friend park" and "obtained ばん" The hit program "THE イロモネア" has also dropped the number from reorganization before from door to door, as a result of moving a frame. barely -- " -- after movement has good ぴったんこ furious" before and behind 15% -- Kimu-taku's drama "MR.BRAIN" there is not necessarily a favorable factor, such as carrying out super-え at the beginning 20%,, either -- but . In such inside, the large alteration of the frame of a lunch was announced again in July. "Hiruobi! " -- broadcasting hours -- 1 hour -- being shortened -- "the circus" who is doing in the evening -- the level of 00 [ 2 ] p.m. And from the level of 00 [ 3 ], it is boy"-> from a "渡鬼" → South Korean version "flower. If it becomes the re-broadcast frame of the flow "Mito Komon" (gt; gt; 2-10 is followed) . http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/4214977/ ※Before .:http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1245825771/

It is the worst number -- The latest TBS is -- pleasantly. TBS thinks that it is because it died and the deserving sin has been made 10,000. A reason is mentioned later.

1 名前: フクシア(アラバマ州):2009/06/18(木) 17:45:16.23 ID:pMjmcV4n ?PLT TBSは3月末、苦戦が続いていた平日の午後に生放送の情報番組を大幅に増やす大規模なテコ入れを実施した。しかし、ここ数年5~6%で推移してきた平日正午から午後6時までの平均視聴率(...

最悪な状況ですね。ドラマもきついのか…。たまに小林麻耶の出ている『THE NEWS』も見るが、内容的には以前の「筑紫哲也 News23」の方がマシだったし、過去では田秀雄氏の頃の「ニューススコープ」(私事で恐縮だが、この番組で故・植村直巳氏のマッキンリー(デナリ)遭難の第一報を知ったのを鮮明に記憶している。)や、故・料治直矢記者の出ておられた時の「報道特集」の時の方がまだましだったし、クオリティーも高かった様に記憶している。昨今のTBSや放送業界や、能無しで取材に出ようともしない完全にタレント化した女性ニュースキャスター(女子アナウンサー)の現状を故・料治直矢記者が見られたら、さぞかし草叢の影から嘆かれるであろうと思う。
他局では、CX(フジテレビ=FNN)で滝川クリステルが出ている「News Japan」(個人的にはこの番組が好きです。)や、NTV(日本テレビ)で小林麻央が出ている「News Zero」、テレビ朝日の「報道ステーション」(旧ニュースステーション)、テレビ東京の「World Business Satellite」の方がクオリティーも高いし、内容的に見てもまだましだと思う。

It is in the worst situation. A thing also with a tight drama -- Although "THE NEWS" out of which Maya Kobayashi has come occasionally was seen, the direction of former "Tetsuya Chikushi News23" was Macey in contents, and at the past, it is the "news scope" (thankful in private matters but) as Mr. Hideo Den. It has memorized vividly having got to know the first news of Mr. reason's and Naomi Uemura's McKinley accident in this program. The direction at the time of "a report special edition" when a reason and a Naoya Rogi journalist come out was less unsatisfactory, and the quality is also memorized to the high appearance. I think that it will be sad about TBS of these days, the broadcast industry, and a news anchorwoman's (woman announcer) present condition that is not carried out even if it appears without ability in coverage and that was talent-ized completely from the shadow of the grass; a brake; a thicket. very if a reason and a Naoya Rogi journalist are seen.
TBS=JNN is already useless -- The direction of other offices still thinks that it is still good in contents. In other offices, even if "News Japan" (I likes this program individually.) out of which Christer Takikawa has come by CX (Fuji Television = FNN), "News Zero" out of which the Mao Kobayashi has come by NTV (Nippon Television), the "report station" (the old news station) of TV Asahi, and "World Business Satellite" of a quality of TV Tokyo are higher and it sees in contents, I think that it is less unsatisfactory.

TBSのアナウンサーで真面目で一番真っ当だったのは、故・川田亜子アナウンサーや、退職した進藤晶子アナウンサーや、海保知里アナウンサーぐらいだと思う。(横道に逸れるが、進藤さんも、海保さんも儂の大好きなパソコン雑誌『週刊アスキー』に連載をもっていた。プログ(Blog)→ 週アスブログ / 週刊アスキーWeb 進藤さんは対談が多かったし、海保さんはテストコーナの「なんでも使用レポート パソコンが好きだ!!」でPanasonicのレッツノートをバリバリ使いこなしてレポートしていたのが印象的だった。)
I think that it is only a reason and Ako Kawada announcer, the Masako Shindou announcer that retired, and Tiri Kaiho announcer that was serious and was the most honest by the announcer of TBS.
Since an electric wave does not enter in Nara and the direction of the TBS radio does not know a situation, there is no way of speaking not at all.

Is TBS of "viewership collapse" cursed!?

There is no collapse of "TBS of a report" in having started soon. Aum Shinrikyo generated surely in 1994 or 1995 (specification organization of the law about destructive prevention.) It does not become impossible that I consider collapse of present TBS by having stemmed from the "Aum Shinrikyo video incident" with the present related to アーレフ as if it was programmed. Now, it is struck by a bulletin board, Blog, etc. of a network by a faking report and deviation report by the degree of 事ある in many cases, and is to Wiki of exclusive use. Signs that it suffered a setback moreover although "movement which cancels broadcast license of TBS" rose on the network several times.


I want you to recall once again. It will be from TBS for a while for one year before, and 2008/5/26, and a free-lance announcer's reason and Ako Kawada announcer are suicide ? incidents (a report). When there is discord in sexual harassment or an inside, it is invited by Genichi a devil and Taniguchi, TBS is transferred to K'Dash in exchange for retirement → work, it is made the sport of Genichi a devil and Taniguchi, and there is an opinion with !? which could give a moral medicine special by whether you are whom under a hand, and was driven into suicide ?. In my opinion, it murders!? I think that it will be assassination [ of a = kind ] !? carried out. The palms are joined together anew. TBS can see for having strayed from the generated neighborhood. Moreover, the scandal occurred in succession with the extramarital affair of President TBS Inoue in 2008/July (that time), and the extramarital affair of the Yuko Aoki announcer who was a signboard of those days. And this "viewership collapse." .
the time of the extramarital affair disturbance of a series in July, last year -- me -- "-- foolish You bastard [swine]!! ] -- Berry a fool[!! ] -- the announcer apprenticeship which is a subordinate if そ et al. and the president are doing the untidy thing without a chastityidea -- it should keep -- やな -- " -- と -- then, the thing of a reason and Ako Kawada announcer was considered, and righteous indignation ran and it was large-enraged at it.


In addition, the management of TBS, the announcer of TBS, three related companies (TBS) There is no memory to having heard that the management of K'Dash and a burning production was allowed to carry out a visit to a grave of a reason and Ako Kawada announcer, the incense stick and the candle were raised [ management / make / it / have you ], and it apologized from the bottom of its heart by making to have knelt on the ground and apologized to Ms. 亡き Kawada's bereaved family and for three related companies (TBS, K'Dash, burning production) to have given the apology joint news conference into I've heard nothing about it yet. . Even extraordinary righteous indignation is felt. These things do not exist that it is likely to realize although repeatedly demanded by this Blog.

It is said in the case of 2.26 incidents in front of the Second World War that there was a historical fact which had broadcast of the purport "return even from now to barracks since it is not late" to the treason soldier.

[Proposal] Although it is not the phrase of the historical fact, it is "the management of three companies (TBS, K'Dash, burning production) who is related even from now since it is not late should give an apology joint news conference, and should clarify the facts of those days!!." This place is borrowed and that is required strongly. (Large rage) .


Although it thinks whether it is very impolite to the bereaved family of the deceased, or a reason and Tsugiko Kawada announcer for my diagnosis "I feel that the revengeful ghost of a reason and Ako Kawada announcer is possess; obsess; haunting. A reason and Tsugiko Kawada announcer can aspire after a report, is alike, and, in my opinion, is surmising to the appearance that possibly it was regret very. then, the distrust to the end of the television by an appearance of the net user to whom me felt that TBS had collapsed and "viewership collapse" excelled in the media literacy, and the spread of networks, a faking report of TBS, and a deviation report -- being accumulated -- " -- having lapsed into the situation [ like ] -- と -- I consider. Don't the fact, then TBS lack the morals as the press!?
I think that the duty of TBS has already finished except for radio if it was a fact. I think that it should surely work on the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications of Japan, and "a movement which cancels broadcast license of TBS which is harm and isa rebel army; rebels " should be promoted steadily.


It cut and Ms. Mari Yonehara (- 2006/5.) Russian simultaneous translation reason and who was appearing on the "broadcloth caster" of TBS have stated as follows in the work. "-- although it cut and being accompanied to the Soviet Union (present Russian Federation) of those days as Russian simultaneous translation at the time of the location of the "Siberia large account of the trip" (December, 1985 televising) -- a certain male staff -- small -- when doing one's business, the logo of the longhand of TBS of those days was written to the snowy field as 嬉々. Since this logo was changed, I consider the future of the company of TBS to the appearance performed by inclining." .
It was sure of hit of the prediction based on this exact insight of Ms.Yonehara at the time (2008/5/26) of the occurrence [ of a reason and Tsugiko Kawada announcer ] of a suicide ? (murder !?= assassination!?) incident. Those days, I considered I like this. "Ms.Yonehara's prediction has hit the fearful thing!! it is uncanny!!" .

What is this situation thought of you? From now on, where will TBS of "viewership collapse" go!?

追記:こんな情勢も影響の荒波を被る一因になっていると思う。【週刊テクノラティ 2009/6/25】より引用。【エンタメ】 インターネットの利用時間、20代男性でテレビを抜く--博報堂DYメディア調査

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