[A (H1N1)] To WHO urgent meeting holding Does it go to a phase 6?
☆続報→【A(H1N1)】遂にWHO パンデミックと判断、フェーズ6を宣言。
【From Nara Japan2009/6/11】WHO緊急会合開催されるとの事。フェイズ6へ向かうのか?が焦眉の課題で、少し大袈裟に言えば「全人類の興亡」に関わる問題なので気掛かりになる。
[From Nara Japan2009/6/11] If WHO urgent meeting holding is carried out Since it will be a problem in connection with "all mankind's life or death" if ? says somewhat exaggeratedly whether it goes to a phase 6 with an urgent subject, it becomes anxious.

BBC News Front Pageより引用。
UN holds swine flu crisis talks
UN(国際連合) は新型インフルエンザ危機協議を行ないます。

An emergency WHO meeting on swine flu prompts rumours a pandemic will be declared, as Hong Kong shuts primary schools.

2NN 2ちゃんねるニュース速報+ナビ→http://gimpo.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news5plus/1244659554/
2NN 2Channel news flash + Nabih → http://gimpo.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news5plus/1244659554/

私見では、今後の感染状況によっては、 Pandemic(パンデミック 感染大爆発)に発展する可能性も有るので、予断を許さない情勢が続くと思われるので、警戒を怠ることなく注意することが必要かと思う。
一たびパンデミック になって疫病が蔓延する事になれば、「100年一度の大不況」と言われてる経済情勢や、日常生活など多種多様な分野において世界中が大打撃を受けるのは必至なのではなかろうか?と考えている。

Since it seems that the unpredictable situation continues since there is also a possibility of developing into Pandemic ( infection loud explosion) depending on a future infection situation, in my opinion, I think it required to be careful, without neglecting watch.
1 whenever bread Pandemic if it becomes and an epidemic will spread, it is inevitable that the inside of the world receives a great blow in the economic affairs called "deep slump of the once of 100" and various fields, such as everyday life, -- a thing -- it is -- ? is considered.
Since it will be expected that "martial law (emergency warning)" is spread if infection expansion is carried out, a travel (especially traveling abroad) etc. thinks that the situation where self-control must be exercised is apprehended by it.

ソース→Blog 「新型インフルエンザ(H1N1型)のパンデミック対策情報」- 北海道、秋田で初の新型インフルエンザ感染確認 (2009/6/12/00:00確認。)

Postscript: To 6/11, the first New Type flu A/H1N1 type infection in Hokkaido and Akita checks. ↓ -- report referring-to [ of following detailed Blog ]-↓.
Sauce → Blog "Pandemic measure information of New Type flu (H1N1 type)"(Japanese Only.) - The first H5N1 flu infection check in Hokkaido and Akita (2009/6/12 / 00:00 check.) .

Hokkaido of summer is the tourist season when a rainy season ends. It is crowded with a train trip, a MTB touring, or people that do a motorbike touring -- Is it OK? While praying for infection not spreading any more, I want to observe a future infection trend.

* The Blog&Homepage&Wiki conclusion (Japanese & English) to which H5N1 flu A type (H1N1)-related is likely to public information resource + Be useful is ↓here↓. * A public information resource (Japanese & English) simultaneous publication influenza A type (H1N1)-related [ in the case of traveling abroad ].

【A(H1N1)】遂にWHO パンデミックと判断、フェーズ6を宣言。へ続く。

関連ニュースサイト→BBC News(English。英文) (電子版)の特集記事:SWINE FLU OUTBREAK

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