[A (H1N1)] It is Tokyo and secondary infection. Is it the beginning of metropolitan area Pandemich?
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【2009/06/05】遂に恐れていたことが現実味を帯びてきたのかも知れない。しかも、結婚パーティの目出度い席で接触して二次感染に繋がったのでは身も蓋も無いと思う。【2009/06/05】That it was afraid at last may have worn a touch of reality. And I think that there is neither the body nor a lid if it contacted in an auspicious seat of a marriage party and led to secondary infection.

2ちゃんねるヘッドラインより引用。It quotes from 2Channel headline. →http://anchorage.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/liveplus/1244225873/
結婚パーティー、9人が2次感染=狭い部屋での会話が原因?-新型インフル  厚生労働省は5日、東京都内で先月開かれた結婚パーティーで、新型インフルエンザに 2次感染した参加者はこれまで9人に上ったことを明らかにした。米国に渡航歴がある墨田区 の女性から感染した可能性があるという。想定より感染者が多く、都や区の担当者は「狭い 場所で大勢が会話したためでは」「飲料の回し飲みでうつった可能性がある」などと分析している。  厚労省と墨田区によると、先月30日に披露宴と2次会、3次会が行われ、計100人 程度が参加。このうち同区の女性が翌31日に、ほかの9人が今月1~3日に発症した。 9人は東京都、千葉県、神奈川県に住む20~30代の男女。  同区によると、披露宴は参加者同士の距離が遠く、感染の恐れがある濃厚接触はなかっ たと認定した。しかし、2次会では飲食店の1部屋に、定員を上回る90人が集まって 立食、3次会では飲食店の小さいテーブルに着き、6人が会話していた。
ソース http://www.jiji.com/jc/c?g=soc_30 k=2009060501008

上記の記事の英訳。 English translation of the above-mentioned report.
the report of a yuan is Jiji Press.
a marriage party and nine persons -- secondary infection = -- the conversation in the small room -- a cause.
- New style in full The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is a H5N1 flu at the marriage party held in Tokyo last month on the 5th. The participant infected the 2nd order showed clearly that it went up to nine persons until now.
Sumida-ku which has a voyage history in the U.S. It is said that it may have been infected from the woman.
There are more infected persons than assumption and the person in charge of Tokyo or the ward is analyzing it as "the drink having turned and it having moved in the drinker" etc., "since large number of people talked in narrow place." .
According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and Sumida-ku, a wedding reception, a secondary meeting, and the 3rd meeting are held on the 30th of the last month, and they are a total of 100 persons. A grade participates.
Among these, the woman of this division showed the symptoms on the following day, the 31st, and other nine persons showed the symptoms on 1-the 3rd of this month.
Nine persons are men and women in his 20-30's who live in Tokyo, Chiba Prefecture, and Kanagawa Prefecture.
According to this division, it presumed that there was no thick contact in which, as for a wedding reception, participants' distance has fear of a long distance and infection.
However, at a secondary meeting, 90 persons exceeding a capacity gather in one room of a restaurant. At the stand-up meal and the 3rd meeting, it arrived at the small table of a restaurant and six persons were talking.
Sauce http://www.jiji.com/jc/c?g=soc_30 k=2009060501008

It is nothing less than pitiable to those who fell ill.
If it becomes that fire burns vigorously from the secondary infection of such an example again in a capital and Tokyo, it will be just a serious affair of Japan.
I receive a drink turning from now on and accepting it, and think that it should not carry out.

The related entry of this Blog → the Japan-Russia cooperation which receives an influenza A type (H1N1), and a possibility of carrying out infection inflow via Eurasia in Japan.
【新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)】 各種報道まとめ。
【A(H1N1)】 関西で感染を封じ込めよ!!対策提言書。
[A (H1N1)] Confine infection in Kansai!! Measure proposal document.
[A type (H1N1)] It is mask sold-out successive occurrence also in an ancient city and Nara. It is distribution to a whole nation urgently!  
[A (H1N1)] Kansai is to a spread term. Quarantine should carry out water's edge measure strengthening!
[A (H1N1)] It is infection expansion also to a primary infection check and Shiga in Tokyo. Also Nara and fear of sufferings -- .

[A (H1N1)] Lack in the idea of the high school in Kawasaki sent to the U.S. while turning out to be weak toxicity.
【A(H1N1)】奈良でのA (H1N1)の現状。NYTの日本を侮辱する報道に激怒せよ!!

[A (H1N1)] The present condition of A (H1N1) in Nara. Be enraged at the report which insults Japan of NYT!!




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