[A (H1N1)] Kansai is to a spread term. Quarantine should carry out water's edge measure strengthening!
【From Nara Japan 2009/5/20/0:20】関西も遂に[A (H1N1)]の蔓延期に入った。大阪、兵庫には「非常事態宣言」が発令されている。各方面に影響が出ており、Newsを見ていてもマスク姿が目立つ。
Kansai also entered at last at the spread term of [A] (H1N1). The "emergency warning" is issued by Osaka and Hyogo. It is affected in every direction, and a mask figure is conspicuous even if it is seeing News.

The figure of people who purchase a mask every day is reported. Masks run short in the direction of Kansai. It is the appearance which there is a line at the time of opening of the pharmacy of every morning, and is sold out at least before or after 1 hour. In the situation where a tenderer throngs at the auction of Yahoo!Japan about a mask Although the Sanitary-goods company also goes into production increase organization, production does not fulfill demand -- .
I want to claim strongly that it should be made for Sanitary goods, such as a mask, to spread also round the whole Japanese and the division weak equally.

昨日(5/19)の記者会見で舛添厚生労働大臣は、「国内感染が確認されたので、現在行っている空港や港の検疫体制を段階的にを徐々に通常の体制へ戻す」と言っておられるが、下記の記事を読んでも分かる様に、そのような措置をとる事は言語道断であり、「日本の自殺行為」に等しく日本の国益を著しく毀損するする行為と言えると思う。 今一度検疫の水際対策を強化せよ!!
At yesterday's (5/19) press conference, although Health, Labour and Welfare Minister Masuzoe is said "For a current line to return gradual に for the quarantine organization of an airport or a harbor which is to the usual organization gradually since domestic infection was checked", he thinks that it is inexcusable to take such a measure and national interest of Japan can be said to be equally to "a suicidal act of Japan" the act damaged remarkably by him so that it may understand, although the following report is read.

Strengthen the measure against a water's edge of quarantine once again!!

RIA Novosti(English) WHO(世界保健機構)の人数発表の記事
The report of a number announcement of RIA Novosti WHO (World Health Organization) .

Forty countries have reported a total of 9,830 cases of A/H1N1 infection, known as swine flu, including 79 deaths, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday.
40の国が79人の死を含めて豚インフルエンザとして知られているA / H1N1 感染の9,830人のケースの合計を報告しました、と世界保健機構が火曜日(ジュネーブ時間)に言いました。

This situation is strongly wanted to be improved.

postscript: -- postscript (2009/5/20): -- the pattern that a mask is insufficient also in Kanto. Report referring-to [ of ↓ following ]-↓. I consider it better to devise a situation way out early [ immediate for prevention of transmission ]. the following report -- "-- it instigates -- having -- passing -- " -- と -- I consider that it is [ in which those who have said are present ] better to have been careful as the words of "being a sense in a sense", and to do a measure although kicked.

2ちゃんねるヘッドライン 2Channel headline .(http://www.2ch.net /)のRSSより。

[痛+]マスク求め続々と 新型インフルエンザ 『あおられすぎ』懸念の声も
eye mask Buy -- one after another -- H5N1 flu " -- it instigates -- having -- passing -- voice of" concern .

It quotes from the report of Tokyo Shimbun.

ここに来ればマスクが手に入ると考えた市民らが 店先に集っていた。
男性店長(32)は「パニック状態に近い印象を受けたが、あおられすぎだとも思う。マスクは今は、大阪など 関西に多く流通しているようだ」と話す。隣の店も売れ行きは同じ。
客からは「小学生用のマスクはないのか」「六十枚入りの使い捨てマスクはないのか」などの問い合わせが 相次いだ。
店員は 「関西にいる親せきや会社の取引先に送るために、大量に買い込んでいく人も多い。今後の入荷予定はわからない」。
来週から北海道へ旅行に行くという国立市の主婦(77)は「手洗い、うがいはしっかりやっているが、 気は抜けない」と心配そう。
立川市内の会社に勤める世田谷区の男性(50)は「自宅近くの薬局はすべて売り切れ。小学校六年の 長女がおり、子ども用マスクを買いにきたのに」と残念そうだった。

eye mask Buy -- one after another -- H5N1 flu " -- it instigates -- having -- passing -- voice of" concern .

While infection of a H5N1 flu spreads in the Kansai district, watch consciousness has become strong among citizens also in the metropolitan area.
The figure of those who purchase the mask for infection prevention at a drugstore was conspicuous in the Tachikawa City central part on the 18th.
The store which runs short does not have few masks, either.
One corner where no less than three drugstores are located in a line at JR Tachikawa station north entrance.
If it comes here, the citizens who the mask considered obtained It had gathered for in front of the store.
The one [ of three shops ] mask was sold out after opening of 9:30 a.m., and before noon.
The next arrival of goods is undecided at the said store.
A male chief of the shop (32) "although the impression near a panic state was received, it is instigated too much and I also think だ.
Now, a mask is Osaka etc. It talks with it seeming that it is circulating to Kansai mostly." .
The next store of sale is also the same.
The crowd was made at the shop front which put the mask in order, and the salesclerk was busy with the supplement of a mask repeatedly.
It says that the mask which sold on that day is 1000 or more pieces.
inquiry of whether there "whether there to be any mask for schoolchildren" from a visitor, whether there "whether there to be any disposable mask containing 60 sheet", etc. It succeeded one another.
According to the said store, the mask for children, such as a schoolchild, has few amounts of handling, and they call it a run out state.
Salesclerk "in order to send to the customer of the relative who is present in Kansai, or a company, there are also many people who purchase in large quantities.
A future arrival-of-goods schedule is not understood." .
It seems to be as anxious about the housewife (77) of Kunitachi-shi of going to Hokkaido to travel from next week as "not escaping from mind although a restroom and gargling are done firmly." .
The man (50) of Setagaya-ku who works for a company Tachikawa in the city "sell out all the pharmacies near the house.
Elementary school six years It seemed to be as regrettable as there being the eldest daughter and having come to buy the mask for children." .


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【A(H1N1)】 関西で感染を封じ込めよ!!対策提言書。
[A type (H1N1)] It is mask sold-out successive occurrence also in an ancient city and Nara. It is distribution to a whole nation urgently!  
[A (H1N1)] It is infection expansion also to a primary infection check and Shiga in Tokyo. Also Nara and fear of sufferings -- .

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