[A type (H1N1)] It is mask sold-out successive occurrence also in an ancient city and Nara. It is distribution to a whole nation urgently!  

News flash:Japan of 163 infected persons of 5/19/6:00 report NHK-TV news .

News flash: Japan of 159 infected persons of 5/19/5:00 report NNN news (Nippon Television ) .

【From Nara Japan 5/18/23:15】 新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)の影響で、日本の古都・奈良でもマスクの売り切れが続出している。
[From Nara Japan 5/18/23:15] H5N1 flu Under the influence of A (H1N1), the sale pieces of a mask are occurring one after another even in the ancient city and Nara in Japan.
It sells also at the main shopping Center, supermarkets of the neighborhood in which I live, and a pharmacy, and pieces are occurring one after another. It wrote with the measure proposal document this morning, and the Japanese home government thinks urgently that health material to the people of an infection area and an infection area with doubt of infection should be rationed (a mask, rubbing alcohol, etc.) as a national policy also for domestic prevention of epidemics and infection expansion prevention.

Since South Korea carried out "dangerous area" specification of Japan at the same time Osaka issued the "emergency warning" today (5/19), the rumor damage over Kansai (Osaka, Hyogo Prefecture) spread. It is appearance with the opinion "don't go to Kansai" from any areas other than Kansai putting the report of the television of Osaka together.
It is troubled if the rumor damage (especially Hyogo Prefecture of an infection area, Osaka) over Kansai (Osaka, Hyogo Prefecture, Kyoto, Nara Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture) spreads more, and intense anger is felt about this thing.
simultaneous --Toru Hasimoto -- I want to appreciate decision of the Osaka governor .

Nara regards from this evening whether an infected person is checked as the 2nd - the 3rd being a mountain, and even an intense disagreeable premonition feels it.
Since the commuter who uses the railroad (JR, Kintetsu) to Osaka or Kyoto comes considerably, the northern part (Nara-shi, Yamato-Koriyama-shi, Ikoma-shi, Ikoma, and Kita-Katsuragi (Oji-cho etc.)) and the central parts of Nara Prefecture (Kashihara-shi etc.) worry [ inflow which exceeds Mt. Ikoma from the direction of Osaka, and the direction of Kyoto, and ] about whether Pandemich happens.
When the worst, you should make terminal stations, such as Osaka, etc. mobilize the prevention-of-epidemics unit of the Self-Defense Forces.

関連ニュース→2ちゃんねる (http://www.2ch.net)系のニュースBlog 痛いニュース(ノ∀`)のRSSより引用。(日本語のみ)
2Channel(http://www.2ch.net) News Blog of a system It quotes from RSS of painful news (ノ∀`).(Japanese Only )

They are 3368 junior-and-senior-high-school-students absence and condition that 1068 persons are similar to influenza, in Nara Prefecture.
78 名前:名無しさん@九周年:2009/05/18(月) 18:46:37 ID:isq8N8rm0 奈良・中高生のうち1000人超にインフルエンザの疑い奈良県によると、18日午前11時現在、県内にある公立、私立の中学校や高校に通う9万2000人のうち、3368人が学校を休んでいて、このうち1068人がのど...

奈良に新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)上陸の予感的中か!?
It is a H5N1 flu to Nara. Is it among [ of A (H1N1) landing ] presentient!?

If the Japan government of Tokyo thinks what it is doing, it will feel even righteous indignation. (ーー;) I think that the measure is turning to the defensive hand defensive hand.

Although this emergency is an epidemic, it is equal to the Great Hanshin Earthquake generated in 1995/1/17/5:45. Initial shock correspondence of the Japanese home government in Tokyo was then overdue. Although it has said that Tokyo is leisurely in this emergency, full prevention is prevented epidemics and carried out in Kansai.
東京で新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)が蔓延しては困るし、全国に感染拡大しても困るので関西で感染を完全阻止せよ!!
It is a H5N1 flu in Tokyo. Since it is troubled if A (H1N1) spreads, and it is troubled all over the country even if it carries out infection expansion, carry out the full prevention of the infection in Kansai!!

Although the urgent general meeting of WHO is held now in Switzerland Geneva, if raising to a phase 6 is also considered How about pulling up to a phase 6 for a sense?

【提言】こんな備えて平時から非常事態省を創設すべきなのではなのではないだろうか?現在、今回の様な非常事態時には地方自治体に判断が委ねられているので、非常事態時には国家の強烈な陣頭指揮が必要かと愚考するものである。隣国ロシアには非常事態省(正式には民間防衛・非常事態・自然災害処理省)が常設されており、自然災害や人命にかかわる事態が発生するといち早く救助隊を送るという。日本でも採用してはいかがでしょうか。(参考文献:「2時間で分かる図解 ロシアのしくみ」 小林和夫 著 中継出版 2001年)

[Proposal] Don't such thing [ that should have and should found Ministry of case of emergency from time of peace / if / ? ]? Since judgment is left to the local self-governing body now in case of emergency like this time, in case of emergency, national intense acting as a leader considers so in necessity and a personal opinion. Ministry of case of emergency (forMinistry of mally civil defense, an emergency, and natural disaster 処理省) is established permanently in neighboring-country Russia, and if the situation to affect a natural disaster or a human life occurs, it will be said that a rescue team is seen off promptly. How about adopting even in Japan? ( relay publication 2001 written by bibliography:"structure of illustration Russia known in 2 hours" Kazuo Kobayashi ) .


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