【A(H1N1)】奈良でのA (H1N1)の現状。NYTの日本を侮辱する報道に激怒せよ!!

[A (H1N1)] The present condition of Nara. Be enraged at the report which insults Japan of NYT!!
* The Blog&Homepage&Wiki conclusion (Japanese & English) to which H5N1 flu A type (H1N1)-related is likely to public information resource + Be useful is ↓here↓. * A public information resource (Japanese & English) simultaneous publication influenza A type (H1N1)-related [ in the case of traveling abroad ].
【From Nara Japan 2009/5/22】 気が抜けないな…。新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)は。Mind does not fall out -- H5N1 flu A (H1N1).
奈良でのA (H1N1)の現状 The present condition of A (H1N1) in Nara .
Although there were people by whom infection by H5N1 flu A (H1N1) was suspected at present in a Nara within the prefecture, since the negative reaction came out as a result of inspection, it is the feeling "good grief, mind does not escape even about from May, next year because the infected person has come out even in Kyoto-shi and Saitama Prefecture although it is safe for a while" in a personal opinion. The town in Nara is very calm.

[A (H1N1)] The report of A (H1N1) disturbance in Japan of the New York Times(NYT) is highly ridiculous.
よりにもよってアメリカの代表的な新聞であるニューヨークタイムスが、日本叩きともとれる新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)にゆれる日本の騒動を「パラノイア(偏執症)な国」と報道した。(↓下記参照。↓)
more -- being also alike -- H5N1 flu in which the New York Times which is a typical American newspaper can therefore take Japan bashing a disturbance of Japan which shakes to A (H1N1) -- "-- paranoia (paranoia) -- country" was reported. (Refer to ↓ following.) ↓) Is the quality Paper of the country where the country which dropped the atomic bomb does not do the war reparations of the apology to Japan what may write the report which insults Japan? No Good or wax does not have ず. As for this, Japan is insulted. Extraordinary righteous indignation is felt to NYT. Japanese people consider that it is better to enrage and protest to NYT. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan would like you to protest against NYT and the White House through the in Washington Japanese Embassy at once! .

2Channel HeadLine [速+]【新型インフル】「日本、新型インフルでパニック…パラノイアな国だ」NYタイムズ★2   VIA:MSN産経ニュース(VIA:MSN Sankei news .)
2Channel HeadLine [速+] [new style in full] "Japan and new style in full -- panic -- he is a paranoia country --"NY Times *2 .(VIA:MSN Sankei news .)


* [New style in full] U.S. paper, a noise for the first time in report of Japan "paranoia country" .

・22日付の米紙ニューヨーク・タイムズ(電子版)は、神戸発のルポで新型インフルエンザ拡大に よって一部、パニック状態になっている日本の対応を紹介。
日本社会にもともと「衛生状態への 強迫観念」があるとした上で、特に感染症など海外からの病気には「パラノイア(偏執症)な国」だと伝えた。
神戸また、日本の医療専門家からは政府や自治体の行き過ぎた対応に批判も出ているとしている。市内のスーパーには日用雑貨を買いためるために客が列をつくり、家から外出しない 親子もいると伝えた。
- The U.S. paper New York Times with 22 day (electronic edition) is H5N1 flu expansion by the Kobe report. Therefore, correspondence of Japan which is in the panic state is introduced in part.
in Japanese society having " obsession to sanitary conditions" from the first -- especially -- illnesses from overseas, such as infection, -- "-- paranoia (paranoia) -- country" .だ was reported.
A report indicates a capital and the Kanto bloc also "reached a new uneasy height" from the infected person having been checked.
In order to buy and accumulate the miscellaneous goods for days in the supermarket in Kobe, a visitor builds a sequence and does not go out from a house. It was told that there were also parent and child.
Moreover, from Japanese medical professionals, it is supposed that criticism has also appeared in the correspondence where the government and a self-governing body went too far.

http://sankei.jp.msn.com/life/body/090522/bdy0905221327016-n1.htm※関連スレ ・【新型インフル】 アメリカ人「あの対策…日本人は頭おかしいのか?」
http://sankei.jp.msn.com/life/body/090522 / bdy0905221327016-n1.htm* related Thread - [new style in full] an American -- "-- that measure -- Japanese -- the head -- it is amusing -- " .
「みんな日本人に爆笑」「滑稽さ、世界中に配信か」…サーチナ★5 http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1242857950/・【話題】 「知っていますか?独島と東海は韓国の領土です。日本は認識を」…米NYタイムズに全面広告
-- サーチナ [ which "is distribution all over humor and the world" ] *5http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1242857950/- [subject] "Does it know? [ "which it is roared with laughter to an everybody Japanese" ] .A German island and Tokai are South Korean territories.
http://mamono.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1215677727/・【マスコミ】 「日本、右傾化」「中国人らを憎悪」オオニシ記者など、NYタイムズの日本叩きが顕著…産経が批判★2
Japan -- recognition -- the"-- U.S. NY Times -- full-page advertisement http://mamono.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1215677727/- [mass communications] "Hating Chinese people". [ "Japan, a conservative swing", and ] .
http://news19.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1133184911/・【国際】 NYタイムズ 「麻生外相、誠実さも賢明さもうかがえぬ」「中国、日本に脅威与えた記録ない」★2http://news19.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1139919895/※前:http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1242968684/
A Oonishi journalist etc. has the remarkable Japan bashing of NY Times. -- Sankei is criticism *2http://news19.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1133184911/- [international]. NY Times "Foreign Minister Aso, Before [ * ]:http: [ *"China and Japan do not have threat 与えた record"2http://news19.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1139919895/]//tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1242968684/[ imagining / neither sincerity nor wisdom /" ] .

In that respect, I think that the action of Taiwan which told Kobe and Osaka the mask for A (H1N1) which is insufficient nationally "was the gratitude of assistance in case of the 1999 Taiwan big earthquake", and sent it to them as an assistance material in Japan this time is great. There was a track record which I had given from Taiwan in case of the Great Hanshin Earthquake before it.
I think that I want the New York Times to follow example of this soul. The journalist of the New York Times which writes the insult report which does not understand such a man's pain is journalist disqualification!! Leave by a red card!!

参照記事:【新型インフル】 台湾からの神戸、大阪へ20万個無償提供…。
【新型インフル】 台湾、マスク20万個を大阪・兵庫に無償提供…一方、台湾でも感染者が確認される★3 1 :☆ばぐた☆ ◆JSGFLSFOXQ @☆ばぐ太☆φ ★ :2009/05/20(水) 23:22:49 ID:???0 ★台湾がマスク20万個=大阪、兵庫に無償提供 ・日本の対台湾窓口である交流協会は20日、大阪府と兵庫県での新型インフルエンザ感染拡大を 受け、マスク20万個が台湾から無償提供されると発表した。

Incidentally New York Times (NYT) is adopting such how to write with the A (H1N1)-related report of Japan. (Following quotation.) .

NYT>Asia Pacific NYT > アジア 太平洋

Spread of Swine Flu Put Japan in Crisis Mode
新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)の蔓延が日本を非常事態にしている。(意訳。)

The widening outbreak is a particular shock to this hygiene-obsessed country, which has been harder hit than any other country outside North America.

For some, I feel like as NYT laughs at Japan. The fellows who wrote the report which insults Japan think that they are the worst journalists.
NYT wants to ask you for the report which considered popular sentiment of Japan about a report of Japan of H5N1 flu A (H1N1) at once.

2NN 【新型インフル】「日本、新型インフルでパニック…パラノイアな国だ」★3


Postscript: The principal of the Senzoku Gakuen high school in Kawasaki who sent the student to U.S. New York which is an infection area should take responsibility, and should do assumption-of-the-responsibility resignation early also for one day!! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan should not issue the passport which attached the Imperial crest to such fellows!! (large rage) .



★【新型インフル】米紙、日本の騒ぎぶり報道「パラノイアな国」 ・22日付の米紙ニューヨーク・タイムズ(電子版)は、神戸発のルポで新型インフルエンザ拡大に  よって一部、パニック状態になっている日本の対応を紹介。日本社会にもともと「衛生状態への  強迫観念」があるとした上で、特に感染症など海外からの病気には「パラノイア(偏執症)な国」  だと伝えた。  記事は首都・関東圏でも感染者が確認されたことから「新たな不安の高みに達した」と指摘。  神戸市内のスーパーには日用雑貨を買いためるために客が列をつくり、家から外出しない  親子もいると伝えた。  また、日本の医療専門家からは政府や自治体の行き過ぎた対応に批判も出ているとしている。  http://sankei.jp.msn.com/life/body/090522/bdy0905221327016-n1.htm ※関連スレ ・【新型インフル】 アメリカ人「あの対策…日本人は頭おかしいのか?」「みんな日本人に爆笑」「滑稽さ、世界中に配信か」…サーチナ★5  http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1242857950/ ・【話題】 「知っていますか?独島と東海は韓国の領土です。日本は認識を」…米NYタイムズに全面広告  http://mamono.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1215677727/ ・【マスコミ】 「日本、右傾化」「中国人らを憎悪」 オオニシ記者など、NYタイムズの日本叩きが顕著…産経が批判★2  http://news19.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1133184911/ ・【国際】 NYタイムズ 「麻生外相、誠実さも賢明さもうかがえぬ」「中国、日本に脅威与えた記録ない」★2  http://news19.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1139919895/ ※前:http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1242987156/


The related entry of this Blog → the Japan-Russia cooperation which receives an influenza A type (H1N1), and a possibility of carrying out infection inflow via Eurasia in Japan.
【新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)】 各種報道まとめ。
【A(H1N1)】 関西で感染を封じ込めよ!!対策提言書。
[A type (H1N1)] It is mask sold-out successive occurrence also in an ancient city and Nara. It is distribution to a whole nation urgently!  
[A (H1N1)] It is infection expansion also to a primary infection check and Shiga in Tokyo. Also Nara and fear of sufferings -- .




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