[A (H1N1)] Lack in the idea of the high school in Kawasaki sent to the U.S. while turning out to be weak toxicity. (Senzoku Gakuen high school (Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa Japan).
☆このニュースの関連記事。☆The related article of these news. 【A(H1N1)】東京都で初感染確認、滋賀にも感染拡大。奈良も受難の恐れも…。
[A (H1N1)] It is infection expansion also to a primary infection check and Shiga in Tokyo. Also Nara and fear of sufferings -- .
【From Nara Japan2000/5/21】【A(H1N1)】弱毒性と分かっていながら米国(ニューヨーク)に行かせた川崎の高校の了見の無さを叱責する。
[A (H1N1)] A lack in the idea of the high school in Kawasaki sent to the U.S.(New York) is reproached turning out to be weak toxicity.
There is no idea which has protected the student completely. The principal who gives voyage permission to this emergency to the United States is not needed! It is inexcusable.
I want the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to do severe punishment disposal of the Senzoku Gakuen high school.

*From"was sent to children since it was called weak toxicity" 4 which sent two students [ Senzoku Gakuen principal ] .
新型インフルエンザ:首都圏で感染確認 「生徒のため思い…」渡米許可悔いる校長 ・首都圏で初めて新型インフルエンザ感染が確認された。一緒に米国でのイベントに自費参加した  私立洗足学園高校(川崎市)2年の女子生徒(いずれも16歳)2人だった。「子供たちが得るものは  何物にも代え難いと思った」。20日深夜、マスク姿の報道陣に対し校長は、渡米を中止しなかった  理由を苦渋の表情で説明。2人が住む東京都八王子市と川崎市の担当者は、対応に追われた。  午後10時45分ごろから校内で会見した前田隆芳校長は当初、「はっきり連絡がない」と困惑した  様子だったが、女子生徒の日程を説明した後、いったん退席。数分後に戻ると、やや大きな声で、  「八王子(の女子生徒)については親から、川崎市(の女子生徒)は市から連絡がありました。  2年生2人です」とやや紅潮した表情で説明した。  前田校長によると、生徒は各国の高校生が集まる「模擬国連」というイベントに参加するため、  同行の女性教諭1人と2年生2人、3年生4人の計7人で11日、ニューヨークに向かった。  前田校長は「行かせないという判断もあったが、弱毒性ということも総合的に考えて、子供たちが  得るものは何物にも代え難いという思いがあった。ただ、行ったことに関しては学校の責任だと  思っている」と話した。  一方、八王子市役所には、テレビでニュースが流れた午後9時過ぎから問い合わせが殺到した。  「学校は休校になるのか」「病気を抱えているが大丈夫か」といった電話が相次ぎ、職員が  対応に追われた。  一方、川崎市では、阿部孝夫市長が会見し「今の段階では接触は限定的。市民は冷静な  判断でパニックにならないようにしてほしい」と話した。(抜粋)   ※元ニューススレ ・【新型インフル】 東京・川崎で感染確認の女子高生2人は「模擬国連」帰り…大阪、兵庫、滋賀と合わせ感染者260人超に★5 http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1242863189/ ※前:http://tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1242861793

Original Report Of Mainichi-Sinbun.

* H5N1 flu : it is an infection check in a metropolitan area. I consider for "student. --" visit-to-America permission regret る校長 H5N1 flu infection was checked for the first time in - metropolitan area. It participated in the event in the U.S. at the own expense together. They were two woman students (all are 16 years old) for private Senzoku Gakuen high school (Kawasaki-shi) two years. "I thought that it was hard to replace what children get also with what [ ] thing." The principal did not stop a visit to America to the reporters of a mask figure at midnight on the 20th. The expression of distress explains a reason. The person in charge of Hachioji-shi, Tokyo in which two persons live, and Kawasaki-shi was busy with correspondence. The Takayoshi Maeda principal interviewed in the school around from 10:45 p.m. was perplexed in "There is no connection clearly" at the beginning. Although it was a situation, after explaining a woman student's schedule, it once leaves. When it returned after several minutes, about "Hachioji (woman student), parents to Kawasaki-shi (woman student) had connection from the city in a little loud voice. The expression which blushed a little, "They were two second graders" explained. In order that a student may participate in the event the "imitation United Nations" in which the high school students of each country gather according to the Maeda principal It went to New York on the 11th by a total of seven persons of one female teacher of a companion, two second graders, and four third graders. The Maeda principal "although there was also judgment of not sending, weak toxicity was also considered synthetically and it had a thought that what children Get was irreplaceable. However, it is about having carried out that it is the responsibility of a school. It was said that I considered." On the other hand, the inquiry poured in the Hachioji city office from past [ when news flowed on television / 9:00 p.m. ]. the telephone "whether a school turns into that it is closed" and whether "whether it to be OK although illness is held" -- succeeding one another -- the personnel He was busy with correspondence. On the other hand, Mayor Takao Abe is interviewed in Kawasaki-shi, and contact is restrictive in the stage of "now. Citizens are calm. It was said that it was made to want you to become panic by judgment." (Extract) http: //mainichi.jp/select/jiken/news/20090521ddm041040119000c.html * origin is new ス Thread. - [new style in full] "Imitation United Nations" Two female high school students of an infection check in Kawasaki, Tokyo return. -- They are Osaka and Hyogo, Shiga -- uniting -- 260 infected person 超 -- *5 http://tsushima -- before [ * ]:http: [ .2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1242863189 / ]//tsushima.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1242861793 .

It is like turning out to be danger and setting foot in a danger zone. Recognition is too sweet extremely!! (rage) .
Follow example of the posture of disaster prevention from Kansai!!

Signs that it was reported by BBCNews of Britain. Japan -- being disgraceful . It is deplorable!!

BBCNews Asia-Pacific WorldEdition

Tokyo has first swine flu cases
Health officials in Japan confirm the first two cases of swine flu in the country's densely populated capital, Tokyo.


Although "martial law" (Osaka and Hyogo under an "emergency warning" official announcement.) has come out, the principal of an insensible high school who sends a student to the U.S. and New York unconcernedly is an unpatriotic person, and since he is a traitor, he demands assumption-of-the-responsibility resignation here. The principal of that which is good since the student recovered from condition of disease lacks an educator's qualification and consciousness, and it is impeached, and is natural. Great righteous indignation is felt. But, I want to dare ask the principal of an insensible high school. when the virus of strong toxicity was spreading, he planned to have done what -- it is -- the same thing as carrying out a sightseeing tour in ? and this!! a commander -- it is too rash that the principal has caused this trouble for a start. full of promise-- I thinks that it is strong with the duty of society, a student, and the principal to a guardian protecting a student's safety!!

現在は新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)は、弱毒性のウイルスだが、強毒性のウイルスに何時変異するかもしれない気の抜けない状況が続くので、至急、大阪や兵庫の様に「戒厳令」(「非常事態宣言」)を日本全国に発令すべきだと思う。                                      

It is a H5N1 flu now. I think that it should issue "martial law" ("emergency warning") in all parts of Japan like Osaka or Hyogo urgently since the situation from which the mind which may vary to the virus of strong toxicity when does not escape continues although A (H1N1) is the virus of weak toxicity.


追記: 2NN 2ちゃんねるニュース速報+ナビの記事「うちの子が感染したらどうしてくれるのか!」抗議の電話も…生徒2人の感染の洗足学園高校、休校2★で、かなり叩かれている模様ですね。その通りだと思う。

関連記事を書いているBlog→模擬国連 洗足学園


When this "martial law" has come out, don't do what carries an epidemic into a capital and Tokyo!! It is such cut whether when doing things, it is troublesome to everybody for a start!! What did the parents who sent such fellows to the U.S. and New York under an emergency consider [ what ] and send? You, there is still nothing at a true graceful Japanese woman!! Don't go to overseas ten years!! an instruction supervisor would not make Japanese Consulate of NY it at these, either -- I carry out and think that it is natural in response to a social sanction.

The related entry of this Blog → the Japan-Russia cooperation which receives an influenza A type (H1N1), and a possibility of carrying out infection inflow via Eurasia in Japan.
【新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)】 各種報道まとめ。
【A(H1N1)】 関西で感染を封じ込めよ!!対策提言書。
[A type (H1N1)] It is mask sold-out successive occurrence also in an ancient city and Nara. It is distribution to a whole nation urgently!  
[A (H1N1)] It is infection expansion also to a primary infection check and Shiga in Tokyo. Also Nara and fear of sufferings -- .
[A (H1N1)] The present condition of Nara. Be enraged at the report which insults Japan of NYT!!



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