In the night sky of Tanabata, I consider the thing of a reason and Ako Kawada announcer.

追悼 川田亜子さん(元TBSアナウンサー(2002年-2007年) →フリーアナウンサー(ケイダッシュ所属。2007-2008)。)
Ms. mourning Ako Kawada (former TBS announcer (2002- 2007) -> free-lance announcer (the K'Dash affiliation. 2007-2008))

Although it is not suitable with the significance of this Blog, it is because there was too mysterious suicide ? also in remainder of a reason and Ako Kawada announcer when it said why there were any conditionwhich cannot write Blog at all for one month.

It is because it was a shocking occurrence very much.

It was when [ which was being prepared in order to attach and write to a certain affair at Blog ].

the evening of 2006/5/26 -- when television was turned on and "Move" (ABC Asahi Broadcasting) was attached suddenly, information of Ms. Tsugiko Kawada's suicide ? was surely told by "entertainments Move." .
At this time, Mr. Masahiko Katsuya, alias a favorite columnist's "columnist who fights", came out.
surely -- a Mr.Katsuya reason -- he was disappointed, saying "what was necessary was just to have excusedhim also from the office, if struck." .

(Although the talk could curve, since television was out of order now, I received liquid crystal pocket television from the friend near Kansai International Airport in Osaka about in May.) .It sees [ made / it / have
you ] by it this time also. Thank you also for Mr. F and when.

*彡 An extract is made from a part of its writing. [ of that time to a 在る notice board ] (Part retouch correction.) .

(1) It was really beautiful, and comes out delicately and was intellectual, and the direction of earnest advices wish thought --.
the case night and all night -- "-- carrying out apoptosis why, although there was still the point, Ako and -- oh, やん through which it does not pass, or the thought by which --" and a breast are bound tight carried out, and the tear has come out at the heart.(Chinese quatrain.) .Large rage.
Since it was the likable one, a wink of sleep is also impossible from 5/26
with a large shock. (He was not able to sleep for one month from case
accrual date ->2008/5/26) .

(2)不謹慎でスレ違いかもしれないが、チェチェン紛争を徹底的に取材されて、ロシア当局の圧力にも屈せず2006年10月にロシア連邦モスクワで、自宅前で凶弾に倒れた某女性ジャーナリスト(Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya
(2) Although it is imprudent and may be a Sled difference, repeat the Chechen conflict with a certain female journalist (Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya (reason Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya )) who materials were
thoroughly collected, and did not yield to the Russia authorities concerned's pressure, either, but was killed by an assasin's bullets in front of the house in Russian Federation Moskva in October, 2006, and it is
whether only Washi(MY) is visible -- .
Is it only Washi(MY) which is regarded as my wanting you to dispel Ako's
Gentlemen will also be the same thoughts -- .

It murmured toward the night sky.

It is "How is it there, Ako? Being shame だっ very having aspired after the
tough advices caster --." . very having aspired after the tough advices caster --." .

She recites the last moment of die an unnatural death toward east empty at the night for the
first month which was able to go quietly. Mass for the dead.

多くの方が「川田亜子さん最期の地」→東京都港区海岸3-7-8(最寄り駅:JR山手線、京浜東北線 田町駅)を訪れ、献花されている様です。
Many directions are the appearance which visits "ground of the Ako Kawada Mr. last moment" -> 3-7-8, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo (nearby station: JR Yamanote Line and Keihin Tohoku Line Tamachi station), and is presented.

(Since it is * cautions ->, however a warehouse street, please give me action which being troublesome.) .


☆彡現場の地図はGoogle Map、Google Earth等でも検索可能。
* As for Google Map and Google Earth, the map of on the ground can be

O It is Blog in 2006 at the time of she being on the register (2002-2007), and having shone most as TBS announcer, that the image of Ms. Ako while in life can be now seen by a WEB&Blog relationship.

川田亜子のブログAko's Style http://blog.livedoor.jp/akokawada/
Ako Kawada's Blog Ako's Style http://blog.livedoor.jp/akokawada/ .

詳しい事については、Google等の検索エンジンで「川田 亜子」「Ako Kawda」で検索するか、http://www.2ch.net/ 2ちゃんねるの「アナウンサー板」等でキーワード「川田 亜子」で検索して下さい。
About a detailed thing, it is search engines, such as Google, and is "川田亜子." .
Please refer to "Ako Kawda" or refer to a keyword "川田 亜子" with the "announcer board" etc. of in my http://www.2ch.net / 2Channel.

although it thinks that the bad division of various Japan comes out and comes out, and is to this case even now and there is a feeling of righteous indignation, I will omit at this place.
このBlogには内容的にそぐわないので、詳しくは、後日Blog「日々雑感」Blog "every day miscellaneous impressions" .http://go-adventure-mtbtouring.spaces.live.com/(推奨閲覧環境:パソコン 携帯電話)にて触れる予定です。http://go-adventure-mtbtouring.spaces.live.com/(recommendation perusal
environment: personal computer & Mobile Phone) is due to describe.


Online Videos by Veoh.com

I borrow this place and pray for Ms. Ako Kawada's bliss from the bottom of
my heart respectfully anew. Joining the palms together.

I say condolence and a visit from the bottom of my heart to Ako Mr. fans to
these things here and there [ of bereaved family ], here and there [ of a Ako Kawada Mr. fan ], and lately.

The palms are anew joined together toward east empty.

Postscript: 49 days (2008/7/12) of hers passed, and the rainy season ended.
I have the high mind of an advices caster, and do not forget the reason and Ako Kawada announcer who was able to do [ care ] it to the circumference!
I do not forget 2008/5/26 used as the last moment when she is mysterious!
I do not forget that he is the fan of a reason and Tsugiko Kawada announcer!

If it says by in the train [ of that station ] from the evening of 2008/5/25 in Osaka, it will be guessed that it was probably the very lonely last moment in a warehouse street like the Osaka SouthPort(Osaka Nankou) haven.

Anew, I pray for the late Ms. Ako Kawada's bliss. Joining the palms together.

「K'S COCOLOG」さんの“川田亜子さん自殺”関連アンケート結果発表!は興味深い結果でした。

K'S COCOLOG 2008.07.11 "Ms.Ako Kawada . suicide" related questionnaire result announcement ! was an interesting result. Please see, if good. (Only Japanese)

☆write in Ako Kawada Wikipedia(Japanese)

Wikipedia contributors. 川田亜子 [Internet]. Wikipedia, ; 2008 7月 30, 11:47 UTC [cited 2008 7月 31]. Available from: http://ja.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%E5%B7%9D%E7%94%B0%E4%BA%9C%E5%AD%90&oldid=21001799

(Wikipedia "Ms. Ako Kawada Announcer" Now Onl Japanese. Please Make Up in Wikipedia "Ako Kawda Announcer" English Version)

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responsibility for the wording of an article and Motonobu Yoneda .


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