The Nara and Toshodai-ji & "5/10 "Free Tibet" in Nara" demonstration private report disgraced by the Five Starred Red Flag (Chinanational flag) .
改定稿 2008年05月22日 土曜日 03:23:03(日本時間) Amendment draft May 22, 2008 Saturday 03:23:03 (Japan Standard Time) .

Recently, job change activities etc. were busy, and if it is as renewal / of Blog , there is nothing, and I felt very sorry in you who have looking-obtained this Blog. .
In order to update recently, there was no Nata of a sake not much, but opening to update was made at last.

Although I also already regard various advices as whether it knows, the Hu Jintao head visits Japan. 2008. It came 5.10 (Saturday) to Nara.
Asuka period -> I think that Nara is because there is a historical fact with a deep edge, or it was chosen out of from as the Hu Jintao head's visiting place when the capital was located in Heijokyo at the Nara period (the regime of Chinese that time is Tang.).

2008/3月北京が、人権無視も甚だしいラサを中心としたチベット側の蜂起に対してチベット全土での武力弾圧に乗り出した当初、 アルピニストの野口健さんが、自身のBlogで怒りの声明を発表された(野口さんが書かれた記事はこちら→「チベット動乱~北京五輪出場への条件~ 」)で、先ず事の次第を知り、長野での聖火リレーに関して、長野での聖火リレー直後のTBSのポットキャストラジオ「ストリーム」の「コラムの花道」(インターネットのみ。日本語のみの放送 )の2008/4/30(水)の放送分で、コラムニストの勝谷誠彦さんが「何故、日本の大マスコミは真実を報道しないのだ!」と怒りの声を発せられた事とか、 日本最大級の掲示板の2ちゃんねるのニュース系の掲示板等で事の成り行きを見聞していたので、関心は有りました。

The beginning when 2008 / March Beijing set about military power suppression in the Tibet whole country to rising of Tibet centering on Lhasa also with excessive disregard for human rights, The alpinist, Mr. Ken Noguchi a statement of anger was issued by own Blog -- it is (the article to which Mr. Noguchi was written -- ->here "Tibet disturbance - condition [ to the participation in Olympic Games in Beijing ] -" ) -- first -- the order of things -- getting to know -- the sacred-fire relay in Nagano -- being related -- "the passage leading to the stage of a column" (Internet) of the pot cast radio "stream" of TBS just behind the sacred-fire relay in Nagano Japanese broadcast It is a broadcast part of 2008/4/30 (Wed.) of http://www.tbs.co.jp/radio/st/, Since the result of things was observed with the notice board of the news system of 2Channel etc. in my two of that the columnist, Mr. Masahiko Katsuya, had the voice of the anger by "Large mass communication of Japan does not report a reality why" uttered, and the greatest notice board in Japan, there was concern.

☆但し、2ちゃんねるのパソコンでの閲覧には、「Jane Style」等の専用ブラウザを介した方が見やすくなり、サーバー等にも負担が少なくて済みますのでお勧めですです。(ソフトのダウンロード、使用方法に関してはgoogle等で検索して下さいね。)
* my 2Channel Since the direction which minded exclusive browsers, such as "Jane Style", with the personal computer of http://www.2ch.net/becomes legible, and a server etc. has few burdens and it ends, it is recommendation. (Please refer to google etc. about soft download and the usage.) .

「何をやっているのだ人権意識等の欠如した中国は…!(怒り)。 日本と中国は友好的にやって行かねばいけないのかも知れないけれど、報道関係からのアサイントメントは無いけれど、これは行かなければならない!!きっちりとした写真を撮って、この事態を世界に発信しなければ!!」との熱い気持ちに駆られ、行く事に。
"-- it is doing what -- China which lacked, such as a sense of human rights, -- (anger) . Although Japan and China may have to be handled fraternally and there is no assignment from press relations, this must go!! If a fitting photograph is taken and these things are not sent to the world The hot feeling, ", runs and it goes. "!!
(Although it participated also in the demonstration granted a permission as the staff, since a capacity is neutral strictly by way of precaution.) .

Since he overslept as bath ON on the day, the course of Horyuji Temple +Toshodai-ji gives up, and it is to Toshodai-ji.

It rides on a bicycle and a house is left at the 8:00 - 8:40 time.
Since it was near from the house, it went direct by the bicycle and like was thought, but the severity of defense is assumed, and it is to a spot in Kintetsu Railways.

the policemen of the raincoat written to be the "Kagawa Prefectural Police"
to the back when, as for the weather of northern Nara-ken of this day, the
Amagatsuji station of the sprinkle-of-rain (T_T)
Kintetsu Kashihara line of a large drop as if Mr. Prince Shotoku, Mr. Ganjin
sum top, and Gyoki were sad got off and it came out of the outlet --.

although the police checkup was met no less than 3 times -- safely --
passing -- blockade time (morning 11:00) -- it arrived at the spot
(Toshodai-ji) with a grinding sound at ten portions.

Since conditions on the day were reading Mr. Shigeki Miyajima's volume,
alias the photo journalist "unworthy and Miyajima" who respects beforehand,
imagination of a certain grade attached loud one.

お守り代わりに宮嶋氏の著書「不肖・宮嶋 金正日を狙え!」をゴアテックスのレインコート(上着)の内ポケットに忍ばせて行った。
Aim at Mr. Miyajima's work "unworthy and Miyajima Kim Jong Il instead of a
charm!" .It carried out by making the inside pocket of the raincoat (coat)
of Gore-Tex bear.

In the car parking space in Toshodai-ji on the south, the constablewick in
Tokai, Kinki, Chugoku and Shikoku to a riot task force and much policemen are defense.

It was covered with the severe defense establishment.
The Tibet flag was completely made not visible to the Hu Jintao head by about five sets with a patrol wagon.
I think that the guard whom the clearly sharp-eyed Beijing regime sent to the outside of the warning line is also stationed. (Are probably you the office staff of an in Osaka China consulate?) .

The call of "Free Tibet" to echo, though you can lower the warning line little by little, "don't forget Tiananmen", etc.

大きな チベット亡命政府の旗「雪山獅子旗」を広げ、「フリー・チベット!」をコールする人々。
big "the Tibet government's in exile flag "snow-covered mountain lion flag" -- extending -- Flea Tibet"! Quarters who call.

It is "Free Tibet", having the sign which treated half a month and a star in the blue material similar to the national flag of Turkey of the republic (Kashgar, Wulumuqi neighborhood) of a phantom called East Turkestan (present Xinjiang Uygur utonomous Region). Also those who call.
鳴り止まぬ「FreeTibet!」コール。 大雨の中「フリー・チベット!」コールをしていいた人々は、「有る意味偉いな」と思う。"FreeTibet" not ceasing! Call.quarters who are doing the inside "Free Tibet" call, and were -- "-- the existing significance -- it is great -- " -- と -- I consider. [ of heavy rain ] .

I am also allured with nature and it is "Free Tibet." .the time of having called and becoming slightly unsavory as a Buddhist -- the inside of the heart -- "-- it is settled safely -- as -- " -- と -- it prayed.


Photo Caption:雨中の中、奈良・唐招提寺でチベット(Tibet)の旗「雪山獅子旗」を掲げ、「フリー・チベット!」コールする人々。(2008/5/10) Photo By Motonobu Yoneda.

Photo Caption: People who hang out flag "Snow mountain lion flag" of Tibet in rain intermediate middle and Nara and Toshodai-ji Temple, and call "Free Tibet". (2008/5/10)
Photo By Motonobu Yoneda.
※ note for the protection of privacy, image processing it for a day costs(- Please acknowledge processing the image for note → privacy protection.).

The journalists of the television station in Tokyo photoed & covered in it,and Osaka, a reporter, the cameraman, the Osaka head office of each paper.(Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Newspapers, Yomiuri Shimbun, etc.), and the journalist of the Nara branch.

What and the cameraman of Reuters came and a photograph was taken energetically.
Truly, is it different that Reuters in the world does.

* Postscript : when checking later, news picking advanced [ AFP / Reuters and ] in the "FreeTibet" relation in Nara of this day. It is said that it was taken up by News of U.S. Yahoo.

from the time, the digital compact camera of Nikon dewed earnestly, and was come out and troubled -!

Although it is on the before [ Toshodai-ji ] car parking space east side and there was nothing like the time of the sacred-fire relay of Nagano as expected, ten - 20 Chinese foreign students who shout about in the Chinese (Beijing dialect) which showed off the Five Starred Red Flag (China national flag), and which does not understand a translation suddenly appear on the on-the-south car parking space north side in Toshodai-ji just before the Hu Jintao head's calling closure!!

「くにのまほろば」たる大和の国。 即ち、日本にとって、日本人にとっての心の故郷である古都・奈良が、人権意識の欠如した五星紅旗集団によって汚され、侵略されたの同じ許しがたい行為だと思います。
The state of "it is kuni no Mahoroba" slack Yamato. namely, the ancient city and Nara which is the hometown of the heart for a Japanese were soiled and invaded for Japan by the Five Starred Red Flag group who lacked the sense of human rights -- the same permission -- being hard -- I think that it is an act.
In my opinion, to put it bluntly, I think that he is the national flag terrorism of Beijing.

(It thinks that there is a division which is not because the Manchukuo founding of the country - Sino-Japanese War - World War II, and Japan have
the historical fact which violated the China continent, but it is --.) .

中国人留学生と思しき集団に対して 、「FreeTibet」陣営からは、「帰れ!」Etc.のコールが沸き上がり、関西弁で「おら、帰れや!」Etc.と怒号が沸き起こり、「FreeTibet!」などのコールする人々も。
a Chinese foreign student -- is apparently [who appears to be] -- group -- receiving -- from the "FreeTibet" camp -- "-- it can return -- the call of"Etc. -- arising -- Kansai dialect -- it can "return -- や -- quarters who"Etc. and a roar arise and call [ "FreeTibet" ].
After all, policemen calmed down the Chinese foreign student who carried out the Five Starred Red Flag, they showed off, and the things were managed.

(It is sorry that it cannot UP for many condition to be, although firmly photographed on the movie of a cellular phone.) .

Quarters who cry for "Free Tibet" in the ancient city in Japan.
since it finishes -- people of the "Free Tibet" supporter -- a few -- resting -- the Yamato Saidai-ji station course from -- the Kintetsu Nara station.
To JR Nara station which is the main street in Nara and which it strolls about through them and acts as three articles of connoisseurs, and is the meeting place in "5/10 Free Tibet Demo in Nara" (demonstration granted a permission) . Although he thinks that it was before and after 13:30, it arrives to JR Nara station.

持ってきたおにぎりを駅前の邪魔にならない所で食べる。やっぱり「腹が減っては戦が出来ぬ」と言いつつ…。 デモ参加の皆さんと、歓談&一服。
The brought rice ball is eaten in the place which does not become the obstacle before a station. While calling it too "no one can fight on an empty stomach" -- . You of demonstration participation, and a pleasant-talk & dose.

そこへ、「五星紅旗の連中が居るかも知れないとの」情報が…。一瞬、緊張感が漂う。(結局、デマで遭遇しなかったが…。) If the party of "Five Starred Red Flag may be there", information -- .For a moment, a feeling of tightness drifts. (After all, although not encountered by a false rumor, it is --.) .

The meeting the command of mobilization is granted to the staff of a
demonstration around 14:00, and concerning a demonstration.
the time of standby -- only standing -- it was -- since -- the leg fished earnestly and it was troubled!

普段は、観光客の行き交う JR奈良駅東口(寺社建築風の国鉄時代からの駅舎)は の近辺は熱気に満ちていた。
Usually, a tourist goes back and forth. JR Nara station east gate (station building from the JNR date of the temple company architecture style) The neighborhood was filled with heat.
Probably, 200 or more persons think in a demonstration that they probably gathered.

It will be a "5/10 Free Tibet in Nara" (demonstration granted permission) start in 15:00.

四列縦隊で奈良のメインストリートである三条通を「フリーチベット!」 「チベットに平和を!」と興福寺近くの猿沢池まで大行進&声を枯らしてシャウト!

first of all, pass away in Chinese military power repression in Tibet in 2008/March -- the silent prayer for 1 minute for praying for the bliss of the dead of た方々 is performed, and it prays for the far and near bliss of the dead which fell victim by Tibet. It becomes a feeling solemn after a long time. three articles which are the main street in Nara in a 4 Line縦 party -- a connoisseur -- "free Tibet"! "Tibet -- peace -- " -- と -- up to Sarusawano-ike near Kofuku-ji -- big parade & voice -- killing -- Shout!
(Doing things and such killing voice shaking for ten years since a certain idol's event (bitter smile))
It progresses, looking out, since it was a role of a guard once.
Since it was Saturday, in a place along the route, they are also the tourists from a foreign country. It is the appearance which attracted attention to my claim.
There is what [ no ] and it is a demonstration closure in Sarusawano-ike safely.

The delegate continued at JR Nara station and was able to receive the
interview from much press etc.
The television station of what and a Chinese system. since -- the interview was received.

Then, since villa circulation granted a permission is carried out to17:00-17:30 at the Kintetsu Nara station front, it moves there.
The NHK Nara broadcasting station (television) was coming for coverage.

Since voice does not come out, a villa is distributed although puzzled.

Too, it is the time of a school trip or is also the similitude of the student of uniform similitude.

Although some people bypassed, it is remembered somehow that the villa was the appearance which drained off mostly.
It negotiates about the voice of a demonstration parade & villa circulation closure "- tired with labor" safely, and talks to 17:30 variously.

疲れがどっと波の様に押し寄せてくる。 Tiredness crowds like a wave suddenly.

It moves into the Kintetsu Nara station and is dissolution of 3々5々.

It goes home by the Kintetsu Nara station local express at the 18:00 times.

* People which participated in "5/10 free Tibet Demo in Nara" (demonstration granted a permission) here and there by which staff participation was carried out, thank you for everything.

I want to express gratitude to people to which you came from every place all the way from the bottom of my heart as local people.

"-- setting -- thank you. Let's meet you by somewhere again! " .

it is what kind of place as "Tibet -- the direction considered to be ?" -- a
good book -- we recommend the following volume to the direction of search.

(It makes a selling point of Amazon etc.) .

* Two (only Japanese version) for deepening the knowledge to Tibet .

(1) 「チベット高原自転車ひとり旅」 九里徳泰著 山と渓谷社 (初版刊行年
(1) The "Plateau of Tibet bicycle solitary journey" Noriyasu kunori work
A mountain and ravine company (first edition publication year 1989) .

(2) 「チベットの白き道」 安東浩正著 山と渓谷社 (初版刊行年 1999年)←確か、台湾で中国語(繁体字)版が刊行されていたような記憶があります。
(2) "White way in Tibet" Hiromasa Ando work A mountain and ravine company
(first edition publication year 1999) <- there is memory by which the
Chinese (繁体字) version was published in Taiwan surely.
I am pleased, if, and your comment about this article etc. are made to hear it and can be obtained.

Postscript: It is a disaster accrual in China Sichuan after writing this draft, and Myanmar (Burma). They are those in whom it was hit by the earthquake of China Sichuan by the place in which the Tibet fellows live, and the appearance out of which the victim also came.
Please accept my sympathy [ it is discreet to people which fell victim while paying a visit respectfully to those who suffered a great deal of damage regardless of the race, and ].

文責(Photo&Write): 米田元信
Responsibility for the wording of an article (Photo & Write): Motonobu Yoneda .






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