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[A (H1N1)] It is infection expansion also to a primary infection check and Shiga in Tokyo. Also Nara and fear of sufferings -- .
【速報】(2009/5/21/9:18確認)NIKKEI NET - 新型インフル、東京と川崎で感染確認 同じ高校の女子2生徒
[News flash] (2009/5/21/9:18 check) It is an infection check in NIKKEI NET-new style in full, Tokyo, and Kawasaki. Woman 2 student of the same high school .
☆このニュースの関連記事。☆The related article of these news.
【From Nara Japan/2009/5/21/1:33】 かなり恐れていたことが現実になってしまった。遂に、東京都と滋賀県でも初めての感染者が確認されたとの事。↓下記の記事参照↓
It has become actual that it was considerably afraid. If the first infected person was checked at last even in Tokyo and Shiga Prefecture Report referring-to [ of ↓ following ]-↓ .
ソースは、2Channel<Japanese Only>(2ちゃんねる)系のNewsBlog 痛いニュース(ノ∀`) (日本語のみ)の記事5/20の記事 【新型インフル】東京都で初感染確認…渡航歴ある都内在住の女子高校生 より(日本語のみ。以下引用。)
Sauce is the report of the reports 5/20 of NewsBlog "painful news(ノ∀`)" of 2Channel (http://www.2ch.net/) system (Japanese Only). It is a primary infection check in [New style in full] It is a primary infection check in Tokyo. -- Girls' high school student living in the metropolitan area with a voyage history .

1 名前:らいちφ ★:2009/05/20(水) 20:50:04 ID:???0 東京都内で初めて新型インフルエンザの感染が確認された。 東京都の関係者によると、新型インフルエンザの感染が確認されたのは、都内在住の女子高校生。この高校生は、アメリカへの渡航歴があり、東京都健康安全...

I want you to avoid only the situation set to the worst Pandemich .

It is infection expansion also to 2009/05/20 Shiga. A part is quoted from MSN Sankei news.
[New style in full] A first check and the number of domestic infected persons are 238 persons also in Shiga.

2009.5.20 14:10

It was announced on the 20th that Shiga Prefecture checked H5N1 flu infection of the Joe college (23) of Otsu living. This is the first time that the infected person was checked except Osaka and Hyogo Prefecture. Infection also with new Osaka-shi and Kobe-shi is checked, and a domestic infected person's sum total becomes 238 persons, and breaks through 200 persons. In Kobe-shi, infection of the female clerk (25) of a 1 years-old boy or a hospital was also checked.

According to Shiga Prefecture, a Joe college attends school on Ritsumeikan University learning Lake Of Biwako and Kusatu campus. Kobe-shi was visited [ to / on the early morning of the 18th / from the 15th ]. It is [ from / on the night of the 17th ] impatient, and it is said that the condition of generation of heat and an arthritic pain began to appear. A male lives alone. Tamifuru is prescribed for the patient and it is recuperating at home.

I feel that the touch which expanded the main Tokaido line (Tokyo - Kobe) which is the main artery of an old railroad line of Japan to Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga, and the east, and has gone can be denied somehow for the infection route in this Kansai. Is Nara OK one? It is quite uneasy.
In response to infection expansion of this time, "Nara Prefecture" has ranked 1st at last that the ranking of a network is dishonorable. (Refer to following.) .
瞬!ワード by @nifty - 1位 「奈良県」 (2009年5月20日)
Siun! WORD by @nifty - The 1st place "Nara Prefecture" (May 20, 2009) .

観光や修学旅行にも影響は出ている。これ以上感染拡大しない様、祈るばかりだ。対策としては以前にも「対策提言書」(【A(H1N1)】 関西で感染を封じ込めよ!!対策提言書。)で書いた様に、大都市圏(東京、横浜)、並びに政令指定都市のJRや私鉄のターミナル駅や全空港で自衛隊の防疫部隊による徹底した検疫を行うべきであると思う。一方、交通機関にも影響は出ている。特に日本の大動脈であり、JR東海のドル箱路線である東海道新幹線(東京〜新大阪)の需要が落ち込んでいる模様。
Sightseeing and a school trip are also affected. It the appearance which does not carry out infection expansion any more, and just prays. I think that thorough quarantine written with the "measure proposal document" [A (H1N1)] Confine infection in Kansai!! Measure proposal document. above as a measure according to the prevention-of-epidemics unit of the Self-Defense Forces like in a metropolis (Tokyo, Yokohama), and the terminal station and all the airports of JR of an ordinance-designated city or a private line should be performed. On the other hand, a means of transportation is also affected. Signs that the demand of Tokaido Shinkansen (Tokyo - Shin-Oosaka) which is especially a main artery of Japan and is a cashbox route of JR Central has fallen off.
A cause is because the company which exercises self-control in a business trip since cancellation of a school trip succeeded one another succeeded one another. One person and the scene which a deadhead train runs from Tokyo to Shin-Oosaka without picking up a visitor had the train only for school trips which was canceled.
☆(About mobilization of the prevention-of-epidemics unit of the Self-Defense Forces, the remark of "having also put the Medical official of the prevention-of-epidemics unit of the Self-Defense Forces and a nurse's mobilization into the view in preparation for the case where it varies to the virus of strong toxicity as it is [ direction ] good although the present virus was weak toxicity" was made in the column of whether Ms. Yosiko Sakurai was "Shukan shincho" of a current number) .
How many cask thing is it!! (anger) It is a completely deplorable limitation. The measure against a water's edge of the old government is what to have been -- .

Blog "Pandemich measure information on a H5N1 flu (H1N1 type)" (only Japanese). If it is said that the goods of shortage of a mask and rubbing alcohol etc. are insufficient according to の記事 It is a thing that the placebo of タミフル has appeared on the market in addition to it.
以下関連記事引用。Following related article quotation.

マスク品薄 ネットオークションでは10倍に

 新型インフルエンザの感染拡大を受け、各地の薬局、ドラッグストアなどでマスクの品薄状態が続くなか、インターネットオークションで、マスクの値段が急騰している。薬局などで購入できなかった消費者が殺到しているとみられ、なかには元値から10倍に跳ね上がった商品もでているが、厚生労働省は「冷静に対応してほしい」と呼びかけている。(引用:産経新聞) http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20090520-00000539-san-soci

10倍もの価格でマスクを買うような緊急性はありません。While infection expansion of a H5N1 flu is received and the short-supply state of a mask continues at the pharmacy of every place, a drugstore, etc., the price of a mask has jumped by the Internet auction. It is expected that the consumer who was not able to purchase in a pharmacy etc. is thronging, and although the goods which leaped up 10 times have also come out from the cost price to inside, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is appealing by saying, "I want you to correspond calmly." (Quotation: Sankei Shimbun) There is no urgency which buys a mask with a 10 times [ no less than ] as many price as this.

Indeed, I think that it is a reasonable opinion. Although there was an opportunity to come out to a neighboring city area yesterday, the rates of those who are wearing the mask, and those who have not done were rates, such as 50% / 50%. many [ as being sold out in a supermarket first thing in the morning ] -- it is likely to be alike and is likely to be related.
【N95マスク】新型インフルエンザ、鳥インフルエンザ,立体タイプ マスク【3M 8000 N95 :30枚入1箱】を推奨しておきます。
Then, it is [ if rubbing alcohol is running short shortly, ] --. (Refer to the following report.) .


May 19, 2009 .

The alcohol for disinfection is also likely to become insufficient.
By the news of television, there was a report that the alcohol for disinfection is becoming insufficient.

最悪な事態ですね。観た事は無いのだが、Pandemich(パンデミック)になったら、映画「感染列島」のおどろおどろしいシーンさながらになったら怖いし、現に昨年9月のリーマンブラザーズの破綻以降、世界全体で景気が低迷し、日本でも雇用が失われている現状と今回の新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)で世界的に見てもダブルパンチだと思う。 雇用に関しても例えば就職活動の時期なので東京へ行って「関西から来ました」と言っただけで差別される事も想定されるが、人権的に見てもそういうのが一番困ると思う。厚生労働省の2分割案が報道されているがこの様な非常事態時にやるべき事柄では無いと思う。選挙だけしか考えていない政治家は要らないと思う。
It is the worst situation. although not seen, if it is set to Pandemich -- fearful Sean of a movie "infection islands" -- if it comes to be alike as it were -- the fearful present condition that carry out, business hangs low actually in the whole world after a breakdown of Riemann Brothers in September, last year, and employment is lost even in Japan, and this H5N1 flu I think that it is a double hit even if it sees globally by A (H1N1). Also concerning employment, since it is the time of job hunting, discriminating only by having gone to Tokyo and saying, "It came from Kansai" is also assumed, but I think that it is a problem most that it says so even if it sees in human rights. Although 2 division proposals of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare are reported, by the matter which should be done in case of such emergency, I think that there is nothing. The politician who considers only the election considers not being needed by him.

新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)におけるShort Blog Twitterの活用。
H5N1 flu Practical use of Short Blog Twitter in A (H1N1).

日本の情報が信用ならない方で英語が読める方は、WHOのホームページ(Short Blog Twitterあり。→http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/14499829)と、CDC(米国疾病対策センター)のホームページ(Short Blog Twitter有り。Twitte/A(H1N1) CDC)を活用された方が良いと思う。
The direction which can read English depending on how to twist if information of Japan is trust is the homepage (those with Short Blog Twitter.) of WHO. ->http: //twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/14499829, and the homepage of CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention) (those with Short Blog Twitter.)

2009/5/20の新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)の関連記事。H5N1 flu of 2009/5/20 Related article of A (H1N1).

JAPAN TIMES Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Pace of H1N1 spread in Kansai seen slowing

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
H1N1 flu surges in Kansai All Osaka, Hyogo schools close; public urged to be vigilant but calm


Japan reports 193 swine flu cases, closes 4,400 schools
2 days ago

This is that the wisdom of the whole body of mankind is tried from nature, and since autumn [ this year ] winter which manufactures the vaccine for H5N1 flus from owner Egg and when A (H1N1) is in fashion but so is the critical moment, it is good to make a vaccine early which also put the virus of strong toxicity into the view. However, I also regard a report that the capture battle of an international vaccine has started in the present stage as it being the situation which exists and is unpredictable.


* The Blog&Homepage&Wiki conclusion (Japanese & English) to which H5N1 flu A type (H1N1)-related is likely to public information resource + Be useful is ↓here↓. * A public information resource (Japanese & English) simultaneous publication influenza A type (H1N1)-related [ in the case of traveling abroad ].

The related entry of this Blog → the Japan-Russia cooperation which receives an influenza A type (H1N1), and a possibility of carrying out infection inflow via Eurasia in Japan.
【新型インフルエンザ A(H1N1)】 各種報道まとめ。
【A(H1N1)】 関西で感染を封じ込めよ!!対策提言書。
[A type (H1N1)] It is mask sold-out successive occurrence also in an ancient city and Nara. It is distribution to a whole nation urgently!  


A(H1N1)インフルエンザ.in →A(H1N1)インフルエンザ.in

新型インフルエンザ.in →新型インフルエンザ.in

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