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About one year after a reason and a Ako Kawada announcer murder ? incident. The insincere major company talent agency which does not hold even a press conference. (Part 2) (未完)


(→"(Part1) About one year after a reason and a Ako Kawada announcer murder ? incident. Insincere major company talent agency which does not hold even a press conference. Continuation from ". )

それすらしない三社の責任者は何を考えているのか?全くもって度し難い人々だ(大激怒 (-_-;) )
At least, the related person in charge of three companies apologizes to her parents deeply, and thinks that people's way raises [ make / it / have you ] a candle and an incense stick in front of her grave.
What does the person in charge of three companies who does not do even it consider? It completely has and they are people past salvation (large rage (-_-;)).
(If it can do, in order to make this truth clear to people, I think that it should apologize also as that of a reporters companion.) In my opinion, I think so then.
It thinks that the related person in charge of three companies performs this, and it twists, and Tsugiko does not save her face, either, as long as there is nothing, and if this problem is not solved, in my opinion, I will consider it so.

which asks the nature of the mass-communications row entertainments mass communications of Japan which lacks in report ethics .

It is feeling to ask the insincere major company talent agency which does not hold even a press conference to become near about the nature of the mass communications which lack in report ethics as MY for one year from a reason and a Ako Kawada announcer suicide ? incident (murder ? incident).
Those who made the crime consider that it must be decisively convicted by them.

It is the persistent thought which just pokes 怒髪天 although like -- .

事件発生当初から、心有る有志によって「川田亜子さん・自殺?まとめ 抗議署名BBS」で、ネットでの抗議署名を展開中です。

the time of an incident occurrence to a prudent volunteer "-- Ms. Ako Kawada and suicide collect, it is protest signature BBS" , and a protest signature in a network is under deployment.
The direction of a net protest signature, I would appreciate your favor when good.
手順は、先ず川田亜子さん・自殺?まとめ 抗議署名 Blog→http://orange.ap.teacup.com/kawaako/を見てから、「川田亜子さん・自殺?まとめ 抗議署名BBS」の方に署名して頂ければ幸いです。
the procedure -- first -- Ms. Ako Kawada and suicide -- collecting -- Protest signature since Blog->http://orange.ap.teacup.com/kawaako/is seen -- -- "-- I am pleased, if Ms. Ako Kawada and suicide collect, the direction of protest signature BBS" is signed and it can obtain. .

Also in order not to make useless death of the reason and Tsugiko Kawada announcer who aspired after the tough newscaster also in order not to make useless this incident that the side of the human rights abuse and the violation of human rights by the devil, back society, or an execution criminal also had, I need your help well from the bottom of my heart so that I may have you surely sign. .

川田亜子さん・自殺?まとめ 抗議署名 Blogを見てから、「川田亜子さん・自殺?まとめ 抗議署名BBS」の方で署名して頂ければ幸いです。
* reason, Ako Kawada announcer, and suicide ? incident net protest signature related site list * .

☆故・川田亜子アナウンサー・自殺?事件関連サイト一覧☆(All Site Japanese Only)
* reason, Ako Kawada announcer, and suicide ? incident related site list *(All Site Japanese Only) .

"mourning Ako Kawada announcer -- "killing"-her .. and whom . "
川田亜子さん・自殺?まとめ | 不可解な報道規制・”報道偽装”を見逃すな!
川田亜子さん 自殺?まとめ 日記 ブログ
川田亜子さん・自殺?まとめ 抗議署名 Blog
川田亜子さん・自殺?まとめ 抗議署名BBS
川田亜子さんは他殺された Etc.

☆その他の故・川田亜子アナウンサー関連のHP&Brog&Wiki Etc.☆
川田亜子 さん死後、なんか変だよサイバーエージェント(w
MONOSEPIA (世の中みぎひだりごちゃまぜぇ〜) - 川田亜子
有名人データベース - 川田亜子
http://www7.atwiki.jp/ana/pages/16.html Etc.。

>> kizasi.jpで見る「川田亜子」

Postscript: It thinks that prescription must not be in this kind of incident, and wish earnestly that a true culprit is arrested immediately.


postscript 2: After writing this report, it carried out soon, and the SPAM comment appropriate for a threat has been sent to a writer's basis over 2 times. Of course, since there was fear, such as trust loss to you, readers, it deleted by our judgment. in (guess, it writes, and, probably, is called a mouth, or, seemingly is Kansai dialect, considering a tone -- overbearing -- since it wrote and was written by the mouth, are you the industry persons concerned, people (worthless people) of the character of Ya, the man of a right spring (right wing), and the a crane (Soka Gakkai) persons concerned? I think) and だ.
Although the belly has bundled also here, if such a thing will occur from now on, it will be regarded as the act of pressure on public opinion, and firm appropriate measures will be taken. (Now, harm is --, although not added.)


postscript 3: Anticipation had been beforehand carried out from the time of that such a threat enters writing. If it sees from a viewpoint called exchange by the violence to speech, something will remember the incident in the Asahi Shimbun Hanshin branch office of the spring of 1987. He has a feeling which reminds that cold air at the time of having studied journalism in the vocational school in Osaka at the time of that is bound tight.

 また、2006年10月に暗殺された、チェチェン戦争(紛争)の取材を一貫して行っていたロシア・モスクワのNovayagazeta紙(露文→Новая Газета)の気骨の記者であった故・アンナ・ポリトコフスカヤ女史へ、チェチェンへの機中で毒物を盛られた事を想起させる様な気がします。
Moreover, it was assassinated in October, 2006, It is consistent in coverage of Chechen war (dispute). A line is of Russia Moscow which was. novayagazeta target blank Novayagazeta paper (Russian:Новая Газета ) spirit a journalist it was a reason (This newspaper publishing company Three journalists have died in the performance of job to until. ) .

It is the violence to speech is harmful and useless that this example also shows well.

昨年(2008年)夏、ロシアとグルジアの六日間戦争の頃(日本の終戦記念日の頃)、鬼籍に入られたソビエト時代から新生ロシアまで弾圧されながらも、著作活動を続けられた高名な作家であるアレクサンドル ソルジェニーツインの小説の一編に、「暴力は、いつでも虚偽と結びついている」という言葉があった様に記憶しているし、今回の件にしても、いくら威圧的な言葉で脅しても時間の浪費だと思う。


Time of the war between Muika of last year (2008) summer, Russia, and Georgia (around the time of the anniversary of the end of the war of Japan), Alexander who is the famous writer who was able to continue writing activities though oppressed from the Soviet age when it died to new Russia I think that it is waste of time however it may threaten in overbearing language even if it has memorized to the appearance which had the word "violence is connected with the falsehood always" in one piece of Solzhenitsyn's novel and makes it this affair.
Incidentally, in response to the Korean Air shooting-down incident in the offing of Sakhalin by the Soviet Union of that time of 1983/9/1, this language is the seat of the urgent Security Council meeting (1983/9/2 / 16:15< local time >) of the United Nations in held New York, and was used at the end of the speech at the time of the American U.N. number two ambassador blaming the Soviet Union.

(参考文献:「撃墜 (上) 大韓航空機撃墜事件」 柳田邦男 講談社刊行 156ページ 1984(昭和59年) )
(Bibliography:"shooting-down (above) Shooting of the Korean Airlines Incident" Kunio Yanagida Kodansha publication 156 pages 1984 (Showa 59)) .

追記日:2009/4/15。Postscript day: 2009/4/15.

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